17 Things Everybody’s Dad Says When They Come To London

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It’s Father’s Day today! Meaning that anyone’s dad that doesn’t live in London has come to visit them as most of us tend to downright refuse to leave our city of wonders…and we bet that every. single. one of your papas will have said at least 6 of these things during their visit. Because dad’s are hilarious, right? Erhm…


1. “Nice place…”

2. “But if you’d wanted to live in a kitchen cupboard we’d happily have cleared one out for you!”

3. “Druggy Dave your flatmate seems nice…”

4. “Is he a pharmacist?…”

5. “Funny how people’s names match their vocations, isn’t it!”

6. “Ohh, you shouldn’t walk around with your phone out like that…”

7. “You’re asking to get mugged.”

8. “Speaking of, I heard that in London someone gets stabbed every 52 seconds…”

9. “Poor guy…”

10. “Why isn’t mine scanning properly?” (when it’s a paper tube ticket…)

11. Your journey will have a running commentary…”Only 5 more stops to go!”

12. And he’ll read every tube station out loud. “Cockfosters! HAHA!”

13. He’ll reminisce about his past London life: “I’ll show you my old commute.”

14. And will say “It didn’t use to be like this in my day” more often than you can count.

15. When you take him to the cool new coffee place, he’ll say something like “I don’t know how these baristas can handle the daily grind…”

16. And if it’s at Christmas…and you go into Soho…

17. Expect non-stop “So this is Sohohohoho is it?”


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