14 Times Tourists Hated London More Than You Hate Tourists

Back in 2016, TripAdvisor announced that London was ranked No. 1 out of all the travel destinations IN THE WORLD. Obviously, we weren’t surprised. Our city is pretty goddamn awesome. But there is a flip side; TripAdvisor also brings up those unfortunate few who have come to visit the ‘sites’ of London and are left bitterly disappointed. So bitterly disappointed that they have to share their bad (but occasionally hilarious) experiences with the rest of the inter-webs. It’s a shame – we do feel truly sorry that some tourists feel ripped off by the Shard. But we’re not so sorry when said tourists prevent you from walking in a straight line on the pavement. So, you know, we feel we have a right to laugh at their misfortunes…


1. Nelson’s Column


The risk of being covered in poo is enough to scare anyone off.


2. Nelson’s Column again…


Yes, one of its many issues…


3. Abbey Road


Forget the review, who are the f*ck are the 9 people that found this helpful?


4. Buckingham Palace…


Boring, snoring indeed. Harsh of Queen Liz not to invite you in.


5. The Globe


You can blame the Ordinance issued in 1642 for that… (the replica, not the poor tour)


6. Walkabout


Seems like a reasonable conclusion to jump to…


7. Madame Tussauds


No autographs? Celebs today are so cold and heartless.


8. Bethnal Green

Well, we’re glad somebody’s finally cleared that up…


9. The Shard

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 09.06.45

There’s cloud and then there’s London cloud.


10. M&M World


Question: they actually bothered to walk up every floor?


11. A more positive review of M&M world…

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.05.21

Are you high?


12. XOYO

No wonder you were feeling PUMPED.


13. The V&A Museum


Good job the bogs saved the day.


14. Big Ben

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 11.11.30

Maybe you should just stay at home then, Owen. (And FYI, Big Ben is the bell…)

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