11 Spook-Tacular Reasons Why Halloween In London Is The Best

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham

11 Spook-Tacular Reasons Why Halloween In London Is The Best

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny it – Halloween in London is spooktacularly good. If you hadn’t guessed already, we like it (anything that involves partying, sweeties and fancy dress bodes well for us) and we’re guessing we aren’t alone. Unbeknown to some, there are a number of vital parts that contribute to making a well-rounded Halloween that both tricks and treats, and London provides it all. If it didn’t, we would definitely have to All Hallows ‘Leave’ and move somewhere else…


1. The more people there are, the more opportunity there is to get up to mischief. And London has a lot of people…

2. London’s back alleys are probably some of the scariest, so even if you don’t have an event to go to, just walk down one and that will be enough thrills for one evening.

3. The hype isn’t confined to humans. FUN FOR ALL.



4. People dress weirdly here anyway, so if you’re a bit embarrassed about your costume…no one will even notice you dressed up.

5. Trust us.

Note: this isn’t fancy dress on Halloween. [away i go]

6. The sense of unity that a shared celebration brings with it is second to none! (At least, in our head it’s a shared celebration – don’t rain on our parade here).

7. Pumpkin becomes popular as a cuisine once again, and London restaurants get this oh-so right.



8. The majority of us live in blocks of flats, meaning…no trick or treaters! For once being skint has its perks…

9. You can get your heart rate up in two ways (noooo, not that way…naughty) with a ZOMBIE RUN around the city.

10. The London Zoo sanctions and encourages Halloween romances.



11. If you don’t like Halloween, you can join the other 6 million people (weirdos) that don’t.


Still looking for something to do? We know some pretty great Halloween parties… 

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