22 Brilliant Things To Do In London In February 2021

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We’ve just about survived the January blues, so here are some brilliant things to do in February.

Winter may be almost (hopefully?) over, but the lockdown is here to stay for another month. Still, let’s not despair, because London remains chock full of excellent events and happenings to get you through the month. There are so many events to fill your slightly brighter days with, from wine tasting courses to Mardi Gras parties, and from romantic Valentine’s Day events to scoffable pancakes. You don’t want to miss out, so check out the best things to do in London in February 2021 below!

1. Wander over to Spitalfields to spot a herd of bronze elephants

We can’t think of a better way to spend your exercise time that by perambulating over to see the bronze elephants that have taken up residence in Spitalfields. They’re in place to raise awareness of habitat loss, poaching, and other issues that impact the world’s elephant population. Read all about them here.

2-3. Ramp up the romance with these special online Valentine’s Day concerts (February 14)


Romantic restaurants and A-Z date ideas might be out for 2021, but we reckon there’s a really special way to spend Valentine’s Day despite the confinement. This virtual concert treats you to a beautiful programme of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and more, and you can go the extra mile and have a hamper full of goodies (think pink prosecco, scented candles, and truffles) delivered to your door. Pick up your tickets for that one here.

Alternatively, you can spend the evening with West End star Shanay Holmes, who’ll be delivering an unforgettable concert dedicated to the inimitable Whitney Houston. The fully interactive show allows you and that special someone to be serenaded with some of the greatest love songs of all time, streamed directly to your living room. Find your tickets here.

4. Tuck into Gloria’s special Valentine’s Day lemon meringue pie

Lemon meringue pie 1
Photo: Napoli Gang

Wonderfully OTT Shoreditch restaurant Gloria doesn’t really do subtlety, and true to form, they’ve taken their cult lemon meringue pie and given it a luscious pink makeover for Valentine’s Day. Check it out here.

5. Party like you’re in New Orleans with this virtual Mardi Gras celebration

Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort are bringing the party to you with a sizzling online event that delivers amazing Mardi Gras party packs to your door! It’s the ultimate celebration of the spirit of New Orleans, and the magical Mardi Gras season when the city really comes alive. Southern Comfort will be shaking up two delicious Southern Passion cocktails, and Bongo’s Bingo has got an absolutely epic, fun-filled night in store for you. Find your tickets here.

6. Whip up a flipping good stack for Pancake Day (February 16)

Photo: Mathilda Khoo

Don’t worry if your pancake flipping skills leave something to be desired, because London’s best pancake spots will likely be able to provide plenty of inspiration. 

7-9. Join one of these captivating online talks and become an absolute boss

Fever Talks

If you’ve told yourself that 2021 is the year you become a total genius, then Fever is here to provide a helping hand. With a series of ace online talks led by expert speakers happening throughout February, there are so many opportunities to expand your knowledge. Here’s what’s on offer this month.

💊 February 3The Neuroscience of Addiction
🪓 February 4The Psychology of Serial Killers
🧠 February 18Exploring the Mind of a Psychopath

You can find even more wonderful Fever Talks here!

10. Dive into these new Netflix releases

Binge-watching has certainly kept me going during the lockdown, and Netflix UK is providing plenty more for us to enjoy come February. All seven seasons of Parks & Recreation, black and white two-hander Malcolm & Marie, and the concluding part of the To All The Boys trilogy are just some of this month’s highlights. See more releases here.

11. Quaff sustainable wines at this lovely virtual wine tasting (February 19)

Borough Wines

Many things have changed over the past year, but thankfully our passion for wine remains undimmed. Whether you’re a oenophile or would love to know more about what you’re drinking, this online wine tasting will walk you through the nuances of six wonderful and sustainable wines. Get your tickets here.

12. Peruse this intriguing Tube map to find the origin of station names

Tube station names
Are you a regular at “Candlemaker’s Street”? Take the Victoria Line to “Seven Elms in a Ring around a Walnut Tree” often? Well, you’re going to love this fun Tube map, which shows the etymology of every station name. A wonderful way to while away an hour… See it here.

13. Enjoy London Fashion Week from your sofa (February 19-23)

Photo: Brunel Johnson

OK, so you won’t be rubbing shoulders with the fashion crowd this year, but you can stay in your pyjamas and not feel underdressed, so that’s a win. Established brands and up-and-coming fashion houses will be parading their wares at this year’s online show, and you can see the full schedule here.

14. Enter the interview room and help crack this virtual police investigation

The Custody Suite

You’ve seen your fair share of crime dramas, but it’s now your time to step into the shoes of the investigative police force. Luckily, your case has arrived with online investigation experience The Custody Suite, a gripping virtual game that invites you to dissect evidence, cross examine the suspect, and decide whether a man should be convicted. You can find tickets here.

15. Grab a takeaway burger from this hyper-colourful spot

Newly arrived in London, Flower Burger are brightening up the gloomy January days with their lurid pink and baby-blue burgers. Coloured using natural ingredients, the eye-catching burgers are entirely vegan too! Read all about them here.

16. Unleash your inner Sherlock at this online murder mystery

Sherlock Murder Mystery

There’s a killer on the loose in this mysterious palace, and it’s up to you to hunt down the dastardly murderer. However, in a place full of strange happenings and mysterious guests, it’s not going to be easy… Tickets can be found here.

17. Hop online for a tour of the V&A’s excellent kimono exhibition


Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk finished last year after a truncated run, and whilst it was all too short a lease for such a highly-anticipated show, they’ve kindly made it available to view online via a curator-guided tour. Find out more here.

18. Melt your own mouthwatering raclette with these DIY kits


Alpine street food visionaries Le Rac Shack resurrected their sorely missed Raclette Bar at the end of last year in an attempt to fix 2020 (better late than never, lads). And whilst the dream was sadly short-lived due to another pesky lockdown, they’ve partnered with Livelyhood Pubs to deliver melt-your-own-cheese straight to your door. Get ’em here.

19. Contact paranormal entities from your home



No need to break out the Ouija board for the swift beginning of a horror film, though. The Haunting at Home challenges you to conduct a series of six paranormal experiments in your own home… all taking place in the dark. Tickets can be found here, if you’re brave enough.

20. Get a ‘Weekly Wine Drop’ delivered to your door

Weekly Wine Drop

Wine, every week, brought straight to me? You can see pretty easily why we’re excited about this new offer from Elephant & Castle wine shop Diogenes the Dog – see more here.

21. Relive 2020 with this fun online game

2020 Game

Oh jeez, seriously? Hey, at least it’ll be fun this time, as you collect toilet paper, dodge coronavirus, and spend time in quarantine. At least it’s over much quicker than 2020 was… Play along here.

22. Hit the mat for a groovy Disco Yoga session

Disco Yoga

Yep, yoga has gone disco, and it’s become one of our favourite workouts during the lockdown. An hour of energising yoga sequences will have you feel happier in no time, and you can even wear glitter and spandex if that’s your jam. Pick up your tickets here.

Remember, you can get year-round inspiration with our guide to 500 fascinating things to do in London.

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