Join The Big London Cheese Crawl For Edam Gouda Day Out

The London Cheese Crawl will take you to all of the most brielliant cheese spots in the city.

Sure, there are plenty of walking tours that you could go on that would take you around all of the historic parts of the city; showing you all the best tourist spots, most haunted spots or prime graffiti spots. But there’s only one way to truly get to know London: by touring all of the cheesiest spots, of course. It’s a whole different kind of ‘cultured’.

? by @champfromage
? by @champfromage

Join The London Cheese Crawl for 2 hours of non-stop cheese: from swanky blue cheese and gooey grilled cheeses, to cheesy jokes and interactive cheese-themed quizzes and competitions. They’ve Caerphilly conducted the best route, so you’re in very Gouda hands. We’re seriously wondering where we’d Brie without it.

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Starting in Mayfair’s fancy Fortnum and Mason, you’ll be guided to some of London’s finest blue cheese. Starting classy, of course, this place is literally where the royals buy their dairy. And why wouldn’t you deserve fromage fit for a queen? The Cheese Crawl will then lead the way to prosecco cheese at Lina Stores, London’s best cheese toastie, delicious stone baked Margherita from Homeslice, before finishing things off with a huge artisanal cheeseboard from Champagne + Fromage in Covent Garden. I sense a cheese coma on the way.

The Cheese Crawl takes place every Saturday at 12pm. Tickets cost £25 and include all the cheese along the way. So, head over to Fever to secure your place on the most brielliant walking tour that London has to offer.

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