Old Street’s Secret Cocktail Haven: Loves Company

Tom Livingstone Tom Livingstone

Old Street’s Secret Cocktail Haven: Loves Company

From Old Street’s now-famous Silicon Roundabout, you can just about make out the inviting glow of Love’s Company scrawly neon name, which hangs in the glass window of this cosy little cocktail joint. Step inside and discover a world of kooky cocktails, international beers and dapper waiters. Oh, and toasties.Sign

The cocktail list is really, really long, but gives a helping hand with one-word summaries of each creation. For example, the exotic Nice ‘N’ Spicy mix of Bacardi, pineapple juice, lime juice, Angostura bitters and Romeo’s Remedy is simply described as ‘Racy’. Meanwhile, the Rocky Horror’s combination of ‘powdered libido’, Grand Marnier cherry and Absolut vodka has been given the intriguing tagline of ‘Perky’. All to be enjoyed in the company of bow-tied barmen and edgy brickwork walls.

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A few weeks ago, we took a team from Secret London down. We booked through event discovery app Fever, and were welcomed with a Pistonhead beer and a shot for £5. They wanted to extend the hospitality to our readership, so, for a limited time only, you can enter the code SECRETLC in the Fever app to get £5 off the beer & shot deal (i.e. making it absolutely free!) It’s only for first-time users of the app though, so if you’ve entered one of our rewards codes before, you won’t be able to redeem another one.

Take the edge off with… Beer + a Shot for Free Tomorrow Night

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