14 Lovely Reasons Why Notting Hill Is The Place Of London Dreams

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We’re going to try and get through this entire article without mentioning the carnival… ah shucks… messed it up in the first sentence. Honestly though, there is so much to do in this West London Wonderland: have a mooch around the markets; a jolly old tipple in a pretty little pub; or even just wander along the streets staring at other people’s houses with awe and envy. You may not be able to afford to actually live there, but it’s only a short stint on the Central Line before you can feast your eyes on the pastel-coloured paradise that is Notting Hill.


1. You can wander around the world famous Portobello Road Market…


2. And there are some really gorgeous pubs.

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3. There’s always an abundance of adorable vintage cars.

I like old little cars 💛 Dream car, anyone?

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4. In a variety of pretty pastel colours…

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5. The houses are ridiculously dreamy.


6. And so colourful…


7. Even the coffee is pretty.

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8. And oh-so cute.


9. They have some lovely little boutiques and cafes.


10. And an amazing street food market that is open all year round…

Totally didn’t know that this place existed in #portobello but it’s the best! ❤️

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11. It’s the pretend home of Hugh Grant in the classic romantic comedy…

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12. There’s a cosy old cinema with sofas, foot rests, tables and lampshades…


13. And since we already failed not to mention it, we might as well add the Carnival to the list…

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14. But seriously, can we live here now please?

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Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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