8 Must-See Museum Exhibitions Hitting London In 2018

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Museum exhibits

Get your daily dose of culture with these corking museum exhibitions.

Some top-notch London museum exhibitions are arriving in the capital this year. Will you see ’em at the museum?

1. ABBA: Super Troupers

Museum exhibits
[Southbank Centre]
When: Open now, until the end of April 2018.
Where: Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre.
What: A walk through the history of the legendary pop group, narrated by Jarvis Cocker. Nine immersive rooms will recount the music, lyrics, and outfits of ABBA, making for a unique musical experience. And yes, the nearest station is actually Waterloo. It was meant to be!
Price: Adult tickets are £25.

2. Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Classic

Museum exhibits
Photo: @vamuseum

When: Open now, until April 8th 2018.
Where: Victoria & Albert Museum, Kensington.
What: Don’t pooh pooh this one out of hand. Sketches, cartoons, notes, and letters will bring the story of A.A. Milne’s beloved creation to life, no doubt stirring up nostalgia for all of those who loved stories of Winnie, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore growing up.
Price: £8 for adults, kids 11 and under go free.

3. Illuminating India

Museum exhibits
[Science Museum]
When: Open now, until March 31st 2018.
Where: Science Museum, Kensington.
What: A series of museum exhibits and special events, Illuminating India will shine a spotlight on the contributions the country has made to the worlds of art, science, and mathematics. Sure to be illuminating.
Price: The exhibit is free, but some events will require an admission fee.

4. The Future Starts Here

Museum exhibits
Photo: @vamuseum

When: May 12th – November 4th 2018.
Where: Victoria & Albert Museum, Kensington.
What: A glimpse into the future from the V&A, this event brings together over one hundred objects to explore the possible courses life might take. From the fairly redundant (towel-folding robots) to the potentially scary (Facebook’s roving internet drone), these fascinating displays hint at the advances in technology which will power our world.
Price: Adult tickets are £15.

5. Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008-18 

Museum exhibits
[Design Museum]
When: March 28th – August 12th 2018.
Where: Design Museum, Kensington.
What: Unless you’ve been living under a rock for several years, you’ll have noticed that politics have been a bit messy recently. The Design Museum’s exploration of graphic design will cover the Occupy Protests, the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong, and the Women’s Marches to see how graphics influence politics and protest.
Price: Tickets are £10.90, or £12 with a donation.

6. Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017

Museum exhibits
[Royal Museums Greenwich]
When: Open now, until July 22nd 2018.
Where: Royal Observatory, Greenwich.
What: No big deal, only the most breathtaking images of space you’ve ever seen. Peep at heavenly celestial bodies, including moons, galaxies, and nebulae, and debate whether you could use telescopic space cameras to improve your Instagram game.
Price: Free. Isn’t that nice?

7. Living with Gods: Peoples, Places, and Worlds Beyond

Museum exhibits
Photo: @britishmuseum

When: Open now, until April 8th 2018.
Where: British Museum, Holborn.
What: Why do we believe in gods? That’s the easily solvable question the British Museum will be pondering with this exhibit. Symbols and objects of belief from cultures around the world will help you understand how and why people believe in higher powers. There’s also a 40,000 year old Lion Man, which certainly piqued our curiosity.
Price: Adult tickets are £15.

8. Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Museum exhibits
Photo: @natural_history_museum

When: Open now, until May 28th 2018.
Where: Natural History Museum, South Kensington.
What: If pigeons are the only animal you’re acquainted with in London, it’s time to change that. One hundred images are on display, featuring some of the most impressive plants and animals found in the natural world. 50,000 entries were submitted, so this lot will be the cream of the crop.
Price: Adult tickets are £12.50 when booked online in advance, or £13.50 on the door.

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