These Are The London Tube Lines That Never Wash Their Seats

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It turns out there are seven London tube lines that have never been bathed… We’re guessing you’d like to know which ones.

Maybe now you won’t feel so disgruntled when somebody gets that last seat in the carriage seconds before you do. At least you’ll be avoiding all those disgusting invisible germs!

[Andy Cross]
The Metro has kindly uncovered a surprising tube facts that will definitely make you go ‘ew’. Commuters, brace yourselves for a list of unpleasant surprises. The following lines never, I repeat, never wash their seats:

😷 Northern
😷 Piccadilly
😷 Hammersmith and City
😷 Jubilee
😷 Metropolitan
😷 District
😷 Circle

All the other lines get a quick scrub every 6 months or so.

Ew. Although we don’t want you worrying too much, because vacuuming, sweeping, pole wiping, and floor mopping does occasionally happen. We promise. A bit of germ exposure is good for all of us, right?

Kudos to the Metro for the creative Freedom of Information request.

Feature Image: Stephen H

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Lily Frohlich

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