Glenmorangie’s Third “Beyond The Cask” Event: Born From A Shared Creative Ideal And Affinity For Wood

Georgie Darling Georgie Darling

Glenmorangie’s Third “Beyond The Cask” Event: Born From A Shared Creative Ideal And Affinity For Wood

Last week, the renowned highland distillery Glenmorangie revealed their third creative collaboration at a unique three-day experience at The Painting Rooms gallery in Covent Garden.

This unmissable event gathered lovers of design and whisky, followers of Beyond the Cask project, and anyone who values the carefully handcrafted and the proudly individual over the mass-produced and the ephemeral.

Glenmorangie_Surf launch_DSC9172

Throughout the course of the night, guests were invited to sample a selection of refreshing, one-off whisky cocktails (with a focus on Glenmorangie Original), and experienced Glenmorangie’s whisky expertise through a deconstructed tasting of Glenmorangie Original hosted by Distillery Manager, Andy McDonald. Guest discovered the secrets of Glenmorangie’s carefully crafted whisky and developed a true understanding of the role that wood plays in the maturation process.

Glenmorangie_Surf launch_DSC9303

The partnership brings together for the first time two brands who live the ideals of true craftsmanship: Glenmorangie who has been perfecting the art of whisky-making for 175 years; and Grain- surfing artisans inspired by traditional boat-building techniques whose love of wood is embodied in surfboards like no other.

Glenmorangie_Surf launch_DSC9850

Like Glenmorangie Original, Grain’s surfboards are a product of time, patience and a true understanding of wood. Hand-finished and meticulously “book-matched” to showcase continuous patterns, Grain’s Glenmorangie Original surfboards represent a step away from mass-produced boards and a return to handmade values.

Glenmorangie_Surf launch_DSC9157

Each board unites Grain’s signature material, Maine-grown northern white cedar, with reclaimed western red cedar and wood from 12 oak staves – so surfers will be riding the waves on approximately half a cask.

So if you’re desperate to get your hands on one of these luxury boards, don’t fret, because they’re now available to buy on Grain’s website.

In the past, the company has worked with Renovo to create an original wooden all road bicycle, and Finlay & Co to design the world’s first sunglasses created from whisky casks.

This article was sponsored by Glenmorangie.