The Jaw-Dropping London Supper Club With Incredible Dining Experiences


You may have been to immersive dining experiences before. But Gingerline will put them all in the shade.

In an ever-changing world, dinner isn’t just about eating anymore. Sure, the food’s got to be good, but why settle for a safe and comfortable candlelit meal when you can hop across dimensions in a madcap dining experience? That’s exactly what’s on offer with Gingerline, and their Chambers of Flavour project, which marries delicious culinary creations to absolutely bonkers storytelling. Trust us when we say that doing things by half is not in Gingerline’s playbook.Gingerline

Gingerline exists for one simple reason: to push the humble dinner party to its limits – and then beyond them, neatly into the realms of surrealism. A Gingerline event doesn’t just engage your tastebuds. It mixes madcap adventures into the feast, to ensnare every sense you possess, taking you on a culinary journey like no other. If you’ve ever been to one of these deliciously extra supper clubs before, you’ll know to expect incredible sets from the absurd reaches of the imagination, populated by a whole cadre of mischievous characters. You have been warned.Gingerline

Since 2010, Gingerline’s dinners have taken place in a secretive cult, a Siberian circus, a spaceship, and a time-travelling gin mansion. And that’s just in the Classic Gingerline series, only one of the three strings to their bow. The Institute of Flavourology sees Gingerline create bespoke dining concepts for private and corporate events. Finally, their ongoing The Chambers of Flavour event focuses on the dimension-shifting Machine of madcap inventor and flavourologist Sir Lionel Stirling Grey. Volumes 1 & 2 catapulted diners through space and time, as The Machine chose a new reality for each stunning course. But the adventure isn’t over yet…Gingerline

Yes, like any good trilogy, The Chambers of Flavour needs a third chapter. And in the immortal wisdom of Scream 3, “in the third one, all bets are off”. Volume 3 of The Chambers of Flavour is running now, as you’re invited for another dangerously delicious spin in Sir Lionel’s intrepid and insane machine – one which Gingerline promise is the most ambitious so far. The Machine being a somewhat unpredictable and secretive contraption, we can’t exactly tell you which dimensions you’ll be travelling to, or what food you’ll be eating. Mostly because you probably wouldn’t believe us even if we did.Gingerline

Even the location of The Machine itself is hidden, only revealed at 4pm on the day of your adventure – by text message, making it just about the only normal part of your evening. Mercifully, The Machine’s cocktail bar opens from 5pm, allowing you to gather some Dutch courage before embarking upon this unbelievable tour. Tickets are currently sold out (a pretty common occurrence with Gingerline events), but Secret London readers have exclusive access to get their hands on the next batch, ahead of their general release. Aren’t you a lucky lot?Gingerline

I would tell you to expect the unexpected, but even that won’t fully prepare you. So instead, simply come along with stomachs empty and minds very much open. Gingerline’s motto is “only the brave will dine” – are you amongst them?

This post was sponsored by Gingerline.

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