The Answer To London’s Expensive Rents? Very Small ‘Micro Flats’ (Say Property Developers)

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Affordable ‘micro flats’ are being introduced in the capital, to entice more people into the ever more expensive worlds of Zone 1 & 2.

Good news (sort of) for all us renters out here (everyone in London) – there could be the chance that we could actually comfortably, if compactly, afford to live in central.

The developer behind the scheme, U&I, has proposed the designs as one way to bring some residential activity back to the heart of London, so that those other than the super-rich might be able to have a pad in Clerkenwell, Paddington or Waterloo.


The micro-flats will only be on offer for those below a certain income bracket, and they are exclusively rent-only, so no selling on for profit. (Although, presumably, it will be them collecting the rent.) The catch, of course, is that these admittedly-slick apartments offer as little as 19 metres squared of floor space. (Though the big ones have 24!)

The suggested rent costs range from £700 to £1,200 per month, with 50% of them achieving the London Living Rent price, with plans for all of them to reach that point in the future.


Okay, they are pretty small, but if you don’t mind sleeping in the same place where you’ve just heated up your lasagna, then you’ll find these super-cute.


We definitely wouldn’t mind these cosy settings, we’ve got to say they look magnificently modern.


All images courtesy of U&I.

You can find out more on the U&I website and view their report here.

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