The 5 Most Riled Up Responses To London’s Tube Strike

Lucie Turner Lucie Turner

The 5 Most Riled Up Responses To London’s Tube Strike

We warned you it’d be brutal.


1. The emergence of this site.

Created by Impero, The F*cking Tube Strike site collects all the tweets and locations of angry commuters in relation to #tubestrike and ranks the usage of their most colourful language. According to my latest statistics we used the word ‘f*ck’ over 1000 times, ‘overpaid’ over 700 and ‘sh*t’ at just over 250 times. It makes me glad to think that somewhere out there, someone at this website had to have the conversation “Just how many times was the word c*nt used today Brian?”.


2. This Uber scary fight.


Okay so this is not a direct result of the Tube Strike but it’s more than likely to have been a side effect of it. This clip, filmed by passenger Seb Bench, shows the moment two Uber drivers get into a ham-fisted tussle when one car clips the others wing mirror. The two get out and precede to be joined by a third man, allegedly the passenger of the other Uber! No doubt he probably just wanted to let off some steam given that the Uber fares yesterday were going upwards of 300% when the strike hit. Either way, had there not been so many Ubers on the road to cope with the strike and had everyone not been that teensy bit more stressed, this whole debacle probably wouldn’t have happened.

In fact…


3.  Reports from Tom-Tom that over 200 traffic accidents have occurred in London since this morning.

Though as their spokesperson pointed out, it could have been decidedly worse given that “the roads were not as congested this morning as they were during the last strike four weeks ago”. Either way, it seems that road rage may have got the better of people in their hour of desperation.


4. A letter from one of the Tube driver’s himself: “This dispute has never been about money”.

The letter, written by Mike Davey, surfaced on Facebook and has been doing the rounds after many people complained that the drivers were just in it for the cash. In it, Mr Davey goes on to explain that he had to say something after seeing how the drivers were being portrayed across the internet and he stresses the fact that the reasons for the strike are more about the driver’s ‘work-life balance’ rather than the supposed ‘money-grabbing’.

“Everyone I work with that I know has given the same message, we cannot continue to have more and more weekend and anti-social hours working.”

You can read the full letter here.


5. And finally, this article outing us as ‘twisted troglodytes’.

There’s always one. Bringing us back down to earth with some light-hearted humour, the peeps over at thedailymash took it upon themselves to comment on the ‘unnatural’ phenomenon of seeing us ‘cannibalistic subhumans’ above ground. We personally hide our ‘reptillian skin’ under layers of Topshop jersey but we do sympathise with the drivers of ‘the great mechanical worms’.



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