6 Sassy Statues That You Need To Get A Selfie With In London

Over the last few months a new craze has taken London by storm and it involves some of our most distinguished relics. And by that I don’t mean Boris Johnson. Captioning famous works of art has become quite the competitive sport these days and these sassy stone heads are just begging for a selfie.


1. When the housemate struggle is too real.

[Front Page]
“And another thing Brian, the Olive Oil is NOT communal!”


2. When you’re trying to get your friend to sit still in the club after seeing their ex.

“He is not worth it and you are not that stupid and-NO I WILL NOT GET OFF YOUR LAP, IT’S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!”


3. When your karaoke game is too strong

“Ain’t no mountain *hic* high enough…ssssing it with me Susan”


4. When you’ve had a little too much at the family barbecue.

“Leave me mother, I am at one with the garden. Watch me as I frolic with the elves and the gnomes-AAAARGH WASHING LINE.”


5. When your squad has your back.

“Leave it Mills’, honestly what a bellend.”

“Yeah he is SO not worth it. Who even likes Nando’s anymore anyway?”

“Yeah he was SO mango and lime.”


6. When your friend does a Yeezy on you at the bar

“So where are you from-“




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