26 Thoughts Everyone Has The Morning After A Night Out In London


As soon as Saturday night rolled around and you got your glad-rags on there was no stopping you. You danced, you drank, and you made loads of embarrassing (and usually expensive) decisions. But whether or not your night out in London was a banger, one thing’s for sure: when you wake up the morning after you’re bound to be feeling the consequences…

1. Why is it so light outside?

2. Oh, because I didn’t close my curtains last night. Of course.

3. It is way, way too early for sirens.

4. Seriously, why do the criminals never respect my hangover? Sunday is a day of rest, people!

5. Have I been burgled? Somebody must have broken into my room and trashed it!

6. Oh no, wait, that was just me when I got home.

7. I’ll just check my messages…

8. Yep, drunk texted my ex. Brilliant.

9. Oh look I’ve still got £20 left! That never happens.

10. I must have been really sensible. Good job drunk me!

11. I’d better just check my bank account in case I used my card…

12. Yep, £200 less than yesterday. I vaguely remember thinking an UberLUX was a good idea…

13. All I want in the world is a Spoons breakfast

14. But that would involve moving…

15. I’ll just see what’s in the fridge.

16. All I have is olives and jam.

17. When am I going to learn to adult?

18. It’s ok, a cup of tea will solve everything.

19. Oh no! I missed the Sunday market.

20. Who am I kidding? I always miss the Sunday market.

21. Oh god, Sunday means I have to go to work tomorrow.

22. I don’t know if I’ll have recovered by then. Maybe I should pre-emptively call in sick…

23. I am never going to Infernos again

24. In fact, I’m never drinking again.

25. Oh look, a new pop-up bar is opening next week!

26. I suppose one cocktail couldn’t hurt…

Feature Image: barnyz


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