21 Hilarious Spoof TFL Tweets Guaranteed To Make Londoners Chuckle

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

21 Hilarious Spoof TFL Tweets Guaranteed To Make Londoners Chuckle

Sometimes it’s f*cking annoying checking the TFL Travel Alerts page and seeing nothing but insincere apologies for unexplained delays. Instead, we suggest heading over to TFL’s funnier, better looking brother TLF Travel Alerts for the real truth behind the poor service. Inevitably you’ll be waiting for a train anyway so you might as well chuckle while you do it… provided you have wifi that is!

1. If Beyonce made the tube announcements:


2. A Londoner’s reaction to winter:


3. Ha! This page isn’t very realistic is it?


4. A punny take on a trains mortal enemy… leaves!! 


5. A delay for the most basic of bitches…


6. We appreciate the honesty.


7. TFL’s delicious midnight snack.


8. You jammy bastards, Wombles…


9. Good service? Does a never-ending FIVE minute wait seem like good service to you!?


10. Page one in a Londoner’s handbook.


11. Getting a bit deep here…


12. Ew.


13. Everything is always clearer with hindsight.


14. Also no eye contact or manspreading…


15. You may also want to avoid Camdon’t Town and Elephant and Severe Delays On All Lines.


16. The saddest short poem ever.


17. Approach with caution people…


18. Move over Daniel Craig!


19. The Jackson 5 are not to blame here.


20. ‘And then I said to Becky that Michael told Sheila….’


21. We assume the sacrifice includes discarded chicken boxes and the tears of a drunk?



Feature Image: [flickr: Marie de Gouville]  [twitter: tfl travel alerts]

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