18 Utterly Hilarious Things That Have Happened On The Tube

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

18 Utterly Hilarious Things That Have Happened On The Tube

The London Underground is not the first place that comes to mind when I think of a ‘fun’ afternoon. Having said that, there’s no doubt that a lot of funny stuff can happen down on those tracks. With a little help from our new favourite Instagram, (@peopleontheunderground), we’ve compiled a collection of some of the weirdest and most hilarious things that have happened on the tube…

1. This reminder that perhaps its better to stand next time.

2. These furry fellas.

3. This poor soul still waiting to be unplugged from the Matrix.

4. Whatever this is…

5. When you’re just trying to stay cool in a sweaty tube carriage.

6. You’re alone on an empty carriage of the Night Tube at 3am. This walks on. What do you do?

7. When you have to live your life with the constant crushing memory that your fantastic dinosaur theme park idea didn’t work out and you really tried you know.

8. I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost… but if you could get rid of some of those pigeons that would be great!

9. Presumably on his way to Camden Town.

10. God… they look like complete tits!

11. I don’t think the circle line is ready for this jelly.


13. Okay no… You’re alone on the Jubilee Line Night Tube at 3am and THIS walks on. What do you do?

14. This is the tube dog. Cursed to forever ride the Piccadilly Line in search of love.

15. This hilariously misfortune guy so excited to study his new purchase he didn’t realise the bag had slipped off the back…

16.  Victoria Line > Horse and Carriage.

17. If this was a hot day in July, we totally sympathise.

18. When the millennium falcon breaks down and you have no other options.

[Feature Image: Instagram @peopleontheunderground]

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