12 Tweets Every Londoner Can Relate To On A (Relatively) Sunny Day

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It seems like almost every week we’re hearing that London will be matching the temperatures of Los Angeles or Madrid but hallelujah, London is actually getting warmer. As we all swap our turtlenecks for t-shirts, here are some thoughts that are bound to cross our minds…


1. Beer gardens are made to be appreciated in the sun, right?


2. We gain a whole new appreciation for Vitamin D…


3. When it’s actually hot enough to contemplate sun protection *gasps*


4. It’s a surefire way to get any Londoner to crack a smile.


5. When the sun’s out, it’s automatically the weekend. Duh.


6. When you forget you have to travel home in what is essentially a tin can with no ventilation.


7. But the good weather often ends up lasting all of half an hour…


8. *Londoners collectively jumping for joy*


9. I mean, why the hell not? This is a very rare occassion.


10. “Strange yellow ball of heat” = generally an alien concept here in London Town.


11. Don’t take it for granted, people!


12. And lastly, the line that can literally be used at any point in the week:


Feature Image: Russell James Smith

Morgan Cormack

Morgan Cormack

A born and bred East Londoner, Morgan tends to split her time strolling around food markets, being squished in London crowds due to her small stature or trying to firmly define the term "trendy". Essentially, a part time writer but a full time food lover.