London Is Holding A Huge Protest Against Trump’s Travel Ban Tonight

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London Is Holding A Huge Protest Against Trump’s Travel Ban Tonight

Last weekend the world was marching in solidarity on the first day of Donald Trump’s presidency, and us Brits were really quite cross. Now, just a week later, he has already managed to go beyond our expectations and substantiate our fears with his implementation of the #MuslimBan

Tonight, Londoners will be gathering outside Downing Street to rally against Trump’s recent travel ban. The ban means that people from 7 Muslim-majority countries are not allowed to enter the US — this includes people trying to return from holidays via the US, people who have helped the US army, and even Britons with dual nationality (for example, Mo Farah).

Director of Amnesty UK, Kate Allen, is urging everyone to get involved and rally this evening. She says tonights demonstration will show politicians just how angry and frustrated we all are, and that we will not tolerate such a ban. She expresses her own anger, saying “Donald Trump’s administration is wilfully demonising as ‘security concerns’, children, women and men fleeing from torturers and mass murderers.” Not only are people disgusted at Trump, but Brits are also angry at Theresa May for not speaking out against the decision. Tonight will be a better chance than any to get the voices of ordinary people heard. 

Tonights rally will be attended by a number of people, including some big names. There will be lots of important speakers, including notable politicians, celebrities and Syrian refugees. Ed Miliband, Mhairi Black, Shappi Khorsandi and Lily Allen are just a few people on the lineup.

The rally will start at 6pm outside Downing Street. Here’s the FB event for more info. 


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