17 Reasons Why London Is Just The Absolute Worst

Ugh. London. What a total dump.

Maybe we should all just up and leave because, frankly, it’s a downright terrible place.


1. There are no green spaces.

Apart from all of these…

2. It’s all just made of concrete.

Erm, except we’re only getting a new park that is TWICE the size of Hyde Park.

3. And there is absolutely no nature anywhere.

Except in every single one of these green, nature-filled GARDENS.

4. Just buildings.


5. And not even nice buildings.


6. Really, really ugly buildings.


7. Just look at them.


8. They’re revolting.


9. Oh and Londoners never have any fun.

Magic Roundabout - 26.10.2016-45
Apart from EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (i.e. at this groovy bar atop an east London roundabout).

10. Like, there’s absolutely nothing to do here.

If you don’t count all of the epic pop-ups and events (like this beautiful, floral, street food paradise).

11. And the food is absolutely terrible.

Unless you count all of the fabulous street food…

12. It’s always the same old sh*t.

Apart from all the excellent restaurants that are, um, LITERALLY EVERYWHERE.

13. It’s impossible to get around.

If you forget that huge underground network of trains we call the TUBE.

14. And it’s always so hideous and rainy.

Apart from when it’s not…

15. The city has zero character.


16. And the people are always so miserable.

Unless any of these low key FANTASTIC things happen to us.

17. Seriously, why would anyone want to come here?


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