The Secret London Guide To Enjoying Wisteria Season In Full Bloom

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Cherry blossoms? So over it. It’s all about wisteria hysteria now.

Trends come and go, but some things never go out of style. Take the perfect purple phenomenon about to hit the capital: the Elizabeth line wisteria. Currently in full bloom, and snaking its way over everywhere that you and I can’t afford to live, wisteria hysteria is back again – and Instagram, as always, is there to capture it all.

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1. We’ll start off small, shall we? (Marylebone)

Photo: @rubyandb

2. Of course, wisteria hysteria doesn’t really DO subtle, darlings. (Hampstead)

Photo: @sparrowinlondon

3. The wisteria is currently charming in Chiswick

Photo: @siobhaise

4. Magnificent in (more) Marylebone

Photo: @rubyandb

5. And never better in Notting Hill.

Photo: @the.geographer

6. It’s all just really bloody lovely, isn’t it? (St. John’s Wood)

7. That infamous Holland Park spot is back in bloom…

Photo: @amanda.phillips.london

8. And really, it looks good from any angle. (We can’t get enough of the Notting Hill Wisteria, okay?)

Photo: @elensham

9. Oh, go on then, just one more of this place.

Photo: @lukecabrahams

(It’s Number 4, Bedford Gardens, just as a general FYI. It’s in, as you probably guessed, Notting Hill!)

10. Kynance Mews is looking rather ravishing too.

Photo: @a_ontheroad

11. The wisteria in Peckham Rye Park though…

12. Seriously though, imagine stepping out of this front door each morning (more Kyance Mews goodness).

Photo: @a_ontheroad

*sighs wistfully*

13. London’s oldest wisteria has had a lot of time to perfect its game.

Photo: @londonispink

It was brought to London from China 200 years ago, and lives out by the Fuller’s brewery in Chiswick.

14. One could say wisteria season has hit a purple patch.

Photo: @lukecabrahams

Ba-dum-tsh! 🙄

15. And if you’re mad for mauve, you aren’t going to want to miss out.

Photo: @magnoliawalks

16. Remember, wisteria hysteria comes but once a year. Blessing this Kensington house every time.

17. So if you want to get up close and personal… (Chiswick)

18. Get out there and enjoy it whilst it lasts! (South Kensington)

19. Wild for Wisteria in Kensington, tbqh.

20. Stunning scenes over at Sexby Gardens.

21. Ilford Manor Gardens… That is all.

A vibrant delight.

22. Wisteria decorating the houses of Chelsea.

23. Oh hey there, Mr. Gherkin 😅

24. A three-pronged attack of Wisteria. Find them over at Chiswick House, Thames Path at Hammersmith and Sumner Place.

25. Some lovely Greenwich wisteria for you all

26. Wembley Park Purple

27. We couldn’t forget Islington, could we?

28. Beautiful sights in New Forest.

29. More from Holland Park? Oh, go on then!

30. We’ll leave you on this piece of art in Kensington. Happy wisteria hunting!

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Featured image: @the.geographer

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