Pizza Pilgrims Are Bringing Deep Dish Pizza To London

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Deep dish

Chicago‘s finest foodie offering, the deep dish pizza, is heading to the Docklands.

Walt Disney. Oprah Winfrey. Ferris Bueller. Chicago has given the world some bounteous gifts over the years, and it’s about to give London one more. There’s only one food that’s sacred to residents of the Windy City: deep dish pizza. Somewhat bafflingly, there isn’t a single place in London to grab this famous pizza pie, but that’s set to change later this month.

Deep dish
Photo: @ginoseast

Passionate pizzaiolos Pizza Pilgrims are teaming up with legendary Chicago pizzeria Gino’s East to bring deep dish to the capital. For three days. And only in one location. But still, it’s a chance to sink your teeth into a whole new form of pizza, and that’s not to be sniffed at. You can get it between June 29th and July 1st, and only at Pizza Pilgrims’ West India Quay outpost. It’ll be served in two varieties; one, a Veggie Supreme, and the other known as a Meaty Legend.

Deep dish
Photo: @westindiaquay

The slightly eye-watering ticket price of £25 is mitigated by the fact that you will be furnished with unlimited slices of pizza, a pint of Goose Island beer, and one of these gorgeous limoncello doughnuts. And hey, if you’re worried about the calories, you can work it off with some light competition, since Pizza Pilgrims has a retro pinball machine and table football. Whatever you may have heard about deep dish pizza – some people (usually proud New Yorkers) absolutely HATE it – you aren’t ever going to turn down pizza. Are you?

Find it at 12 Hertsmere Road, West India Quay, E14 4AE from June 29th-July 1st. Check Pizza Pilgrims’ website for ticket info.

Featured image: @ginoseast

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