A Mad, Magnificent Medieval Feast Is Coming To London Bridge

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Medieval feast

Attention lords and ladies! You are hereby summoned to a secret castle for an evening of music, theatre, and a medieval feast.

October is shaping up to be a pretty stonking month for London, and it’s set to get even better. We’ve heard the whispers from inside the castle walls, and now the squires have spread the news across the land. The Arensky Chamber Orchestra are teaming up with some royally talented friends to create In Night’s Darkling Glory. With the help of Darling & Edge – the team that are currently revelling beneath Waterloo Vaults – they’re creating a medieval feast and storytelling experience like no other.

In Night’s Darkling Glory is a mead and meat-fuelled romp through a medieval castle, with a love story thrown in for good measure. Did we mention that it’s a world first too? It’s rumoured to be the first immersive event to feature a professional orchestra, and they’re rather good, attracting talent from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. From October 19th-22nd, they’ll transport you through the mists of time to witness the love story of Tristan and Isolde. A dark alleyway in London Bridge will be transformed by magic that will ensnare your senses.

Medieval feast
Photo: @saeth_snowbane

It begins, as all good castle shindigs should, with a feast. Obviously, no castle should be explored whilst hangry, and luckily the event has summoned forth a worthy chef. Former Masterchef champion Natalie Coleman is bringing her culinary wizardry to an all-you-can-eat medieval banquet. The finest food in the land has been gathered, from a succulent hog roast to goblets overflowing with sparkling mead. You’ll be setting out on a voyage soon after, so fill your belly and slake your thirst!

Yes, rather than tarrying in the feasting chambers (understandable), your presence is required on a magical journey. Leave London behind, and sail across the seas to the shores of Albion fair, in order to witness the love story that puts Romeo and Juliet in the shade. Watch out for dragons though, for these are dangerous times… The haunting orchestra will create an eerie atmosphere as poets spin the tale of Tristan and Isolde by candlelight.

Medieval feast

Once the performance concludes, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the three-storey venue with a suitable drink in hand. The castle is dark and full of secrets, but search hard enough and it will reveal them to you. Find a hidden character and you’ll get the chance to sup from a secret potion, an off menu cocktail said to be sweeter than the Elixir of Life.

You won’t need to pull a sword from a stone to get your hands on tickets, either. Although tickets have mostly sold out, Fever have the last available tickets for any noble-hearted guest in search of a quest, starting at just £29.

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