This London Brewery Is Now Serving Avocado Beer, And We Honestly Don’t Know How To Feel

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Avocado beer

The Great Wheel of Late Capitalism has turned once more, and given us avocado beer.

When writing about a new avocado-infused product, there’s a certain checklist one must obey. First, you must of course pay tribute to the avocado’s place in contemporary culture, preferably with some lazy jibe about millennials/hipsters/#basicbitches. Second, you must outline a brief history of avocado-flavoured inventions (even better if you can work in a video or two). And third, you must do it all with a healthy amount of snark. Without further ado, let us discuss avocado beer.Avocado beer

More specifically, an Avocado Stout, created by the Long Arm Brewing Co. By using avocado in the brewing process along with dark malts, they say it gives a smooth and creamy avocado flavour. Oh, and it’s 100% vegan, which ticks another millennial buzzword off the list. You can find it at the Long Arm Pub in Shoreditch, where it will cost you a pretty-much-standard-for-London £5.50. That’s the what; the why is a little murkier.Avocado beer

To be fair, Long Arm Brewing have a history of brewing a little differently – beers go straight from the tank to the tap, making it as fresh as possible. As for avocado beer, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the reason was “well, why the hell not?”. The world wasn’t crying out for an avocado-flavoured beer – unless we’ve all been criminally overlooking a gap in the market – but, like Justin Bieber and pointless dance crazes, it’s here whether we like it or not. May as well give it a fair shake.

If you fancy trying this barmy beer, head to 20-26 Worship Street, EC2A 2DX.

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