We’ve Found The Perfect Way To Celebrate Jamaican Independence Day

Lily Frohlich Lily Frohlich


Head down to Rudie’s this weekend for an epic Jamaican Independence Day feast, Dalston-style.

Expect reggae beats, rum cocktails and some seriously spicy jerk chicken on Sunday, August 6.

Head chef Vernon Samuels has been showing Londoners how Jamaican food should be served since joining Rudie’s last October, and this Sunday he’s taking his regular menu to the next level. It is Jamaican Independence Day, after all.

Rudies_Crab Mango Lobster Salad_Low Res

The menu includes jerked stuffed chicken wings; crab, mango and lobster salad; jerked prawns; goat cheese wontons with pineapple; vegetable curry; poached red snapper with okra; and curry goat cigar with jerked goat cutlet… And that’s not to mention their dessert selection. Deep fried rum and raisin ice cream, anyone? All this is served family-style to facilitate mix-and-match sharing and costs £40 all-in.

Rudies_Red Snapper

And the fantastic thing about this menu – other than the price and the fact that it’s delicious, obviously – is that it’s been created to celebrate a recognised holiday, so there’s literally no way you can feel even the slightest bit guilty for eating ALL THE FOOD. Practically Christmas come early!

You’ll find Rudie’s at 50 Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 7XB.

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