Catch A Glimpse Of Rare Sheep Grazing Next To Buckingham Palace This Week

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Don’t be alarmed if you see some sheep chilling next to Buckingham Palace this week – they’re supposed to be there, we promise.

There’s no need to be sheepish about this one as a herd of rare breed sheep will be marking their territory next to Queen Elizabeth’s residence throughout the week.

Tourists, general walkers and busy commuters may have an abrupt stop in their tracks this week. That’s because they’ll be greeted by a small herd of sheep munching away at the plants in Green Park, next to Buckingham Palace.

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This trial will see the sheep graze in one of the park’s wildflower meadows and is hoped to maintain a variety of plant species whilst preventing coarse plants growing over and running wild in the gardens.

This scheme is part of the Royal Parks Mission: Invertebrate project which is teaming up with Mudchute Farm and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust for this sheep thrill. Sorry, we couldn’t resist a baa’d sheep pun.

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A similar cattle grazing project will be taking place in Richmond Park this October, so there’s a chance that farm animals could be a part of the London scenery more often.

Feature Image: Robin Vet.

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