You Can Now Apply To Busk In London’s Underground Stations

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You Can Now Apply To Busk In London’s Underground Stations

London’s Busking Scheme has finally opened up its applications after two years so that means you could be strumming your guitar in a busy underground station before you can say reach for the stars.

Always fancied yourself as the next Mozart or perhaps London’s newest grime artist? Well dust off your mic and prepare your next hit single as The London Underground Busking Scheme is calling for applications.

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Busking is no longer hitching up a spot outside your local shopping centre and hoping people like you enough to spare a pound. It’s big business now and with 35 official busking points on the Underground, London stations are becoming the next quick concert venues.

Around 5 million people take the tube each day in the capital so if you’re looking for a captivating audience, I guess this is a pretty good shot?

They’re looking for live music of all kinds that showcases London’s talent, whilst lifting that frosty ambience that can so regularly be felt in our underground stations. If you think you have what it takes to take the “mute” out of “commute” and put some smiles on our miserable little faces, then apply to be an official busker here.

In conjunction with Yamaha Music London and the Mayor’s ‘Busk In London’ programme, auditions are set to be held in London’s Underground stations and some of the capital’s finest music venues.

For more information, visit the Busk in London website


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