Foodies Rejoice! A Brunch Festival Is Arriving In London Next Month

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Brunch Fest

The arrival of Brunch Fest means we’ve officially reached peak brunch.

Well, it was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? London loves festivals. And London loves brunch, possibly more than life itself. So it stands to reason that someone would smash the two together, à la avocado and toast, to create London’s first ever Brunch Fest. Brunch will never be the same again, so grab your tickets now!

? by @thesaltedgreenapple
? by @thesaltedgreenapple

At this stage, it sounds like the plot of a delicious version of the Justice League. Nine of London’s top brunch spots, with nothing in common but a fervent desire to serve the world Instagrammable food. A mysterious organisation known only as Brunch Fest, pulling this ragtag crew together, and a showdown at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. Who lives, who dies, who brunches? You’ll have to wait until September 1st & 2nd to find out.


The brunch spots in question are Waffle On, Urban Pantry, The Joint, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, Benito’s Hat, On Cafe, Finest Fayre, Mac to the Future and Arancini Bros. So, in other words, there’ll be a wide variety of grub on offer. Hackney faves The Pickle House will operate the Bloody Mary bar(!) and live music will run throughout the weekend. Like Glastonbury, but with more avocados and fewer wellies.


Brunch Fest have also invited “brunch-related brands” to sell their wares – including the likes of Heck Sausages, Good and Proper Tea, Origin Coffee and The Flour Station – so you can add a build-your-own brunch element to this shindig. There are also workshops dedicated to such crafts as making your own granola or whipping up your own cold brew coffee. We won’t lie, throwing a Brunch Fest is an ambitious affair. Not least because they risk ruining both festivals and brunch if things go south. The stakes are high, and the steaks are medium-rare with a side of eggs, please.

Tickets cost £14.50 and you can get your hands on them here.  

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