Why The Inner Circle Is More Than Just A Dating App

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Why The Inner Circle Is More Than Just A Dating App

We know what it might sound like: a selective dating app called “The Inner Circle” hardly fills you with hope about the state of social affairs in this big city of ours, does it? But after having a little browse around the website, being on the receiving end of a couple of cheeky ‘winks’ (trust us, it’s more thrilling than a Facebook poke c. 2010) and speaking to the team themselves about their vision for a safer network of like-minded individuals, we found ourselves to be oh-so-slightly converted. Go on, admit you’re a bit intrigued…

Unlike its competitors, The Inner Circle doesn’t look to have a vast quantity of sign ups, instead valuing the quality of its users over anything else. ‘Selective’ doesn’t mean elitist. Each applicant is screened by a human being to ensure that The Inner Circle is used by, well, human beings. And ones that they will share similar interests to the other people in the network. Sometimes the fact that there’s “plenty more fish in the sea” isn’t such a good thing. Think of The Inner Circle as more of a pond. It’s way less daunting.

When you’re filling out your profile on The Inner Circle, it’s not just a case of ticking yes/no, male/female; you’ve really got a chance to express yourself. You can add your favourite restaurants, bars, events and clubs to your profile and see where your online suitors also like to hang. The first question you’re asked is what your ideal first date would be: make of that what you will but in our eyes that’s a prime opportunity to drop some serious hints.

Held at some of London’s most exclusive venues (such as private members club Century, Cahoot’s and Mr Fogg’s), The Inner Circle throw monthly parties which provide the perfect opportunity for you to meet up with some of your online flirtations in an offline, relaxed and safe (depending on how much tequila you drink) environment.

Relationship experts (if there’s such a thing) believe that you’re much more likely to find love with people that share your interests. The Inner Circle work off this basis, creating a “close” network, rather than a “closed” one. They believe their method results in more meaningful, long-lasting and fulfilling relationships. For that reason, we’re not surprised there’s a list of over 45,000 people waiting to be accepted. It looks like lots of Londoners are looking for love…

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