5 Times The Police Got Doooown At Notting Hill Carnival 2016

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

5 Times The Police Got Doooown At Notting Hill Carnival 2016

This year, Notting Hill Carnival celebrated its 50th anniversary and attracted a crazy number of people to West London. The police were on hand working hard to control the crowds, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t partake in a little bump and grind (we don’t see nothin’ wrong). As always, the coppers weren’t afraid to get stuck into the carnival spirit…


1. Some got seriously stuck in…


2. Seriously, just look at these hips! Caught on camera by Matthew Stadlen (Twitter @Matthew Stadlen)


3. And this guy – well, he just went crazy.


4. Now these are the kind of moves to get the crowd going!


5. And if you took the tube to Notting Hill Gate, you would have been greeted by some mic’d up officers who had clearly be debriefed on the best way to handle big, drunk crowds – get them to ‘woooooop’ and they’ll comply.

It wasn’t all twerks and cheers. Although Carnival is a positive celebration, with huge crowds comes a lot of work. According to the BBC, a reported 440 arrests were made over the weekend. There were some serious injuries, for which our thoughts go out to everyone who was harmed.

Featured image credit: @bbygyal4lyf | @Matthew Stadlen

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