25 Things To Eat Before You Die: The London Bucket List

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25 Things To Eat Before You Die: The London Bucket List

Drum roll please… The moment has come. We’re unveiling the baddest list of all: The Bucket List. And it’s all about food. Some of these are so bad they’re good; some of these are just plain good. Either way, you can’t call yourself a true Londoner until you’ve tried them all.


1. Bacon and maple syrup brownie

[About Time Magazine]
Where? Bad Brownie.

Why? Because it’s even better than their salted caramel brownie, which, if you know us at all, you’ll know we love.


2. Pizza Burger

[The Metro]
Where? Ed’s Diner.

Why? Because the Bro Points for this one are off the chart.


3. Spicy Ox Cheek Doughnut

[Cocktails and Caroline]
Where? Duck And Waffle.

Why? Because you can eat it at 2am on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower.


4. Scotch Egg Burger


Where? Yeah! Burger (they pop up – check out their Twitter for info).

Why? Because it’s the weirdest thing anyone has ever done to a burger but we love it.


 5. Champagne Ice Popsicle

[The Grocer]
Where? POPS. (They get around – check their website for a list of stockists).

Why? Because it looks like a Calippo but it’s a million times more fabulous.


6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

[The Picky Glutton]
Where? Spuntino.

Why? Because PB&Js are amazing enough and then they go and make an ice cream version.


7. Oreo Pie

[About Time Magazine]
Where? Rita’s.

Why? Because look at it.


8. Mac And Cheese Burger

[Trip Advisor]
Where? Dirty Bones.

Why? Because it’s creamy and meaty and oozing and FILTHY.


9. Honeycomb & Lemon Curd Cruffin

Where? Foxcroft & Ginger.

Why? Because it’s a cross between a croissant and a muffin so it’s basically breakfast twice.


10. Elvis Presley Ice Cream Sandwich (with bacon)

[Hy Hoi]
Where? Foxlow.

Why? Soft serve ice cream, peanut butter, banana compote sandwiched together between fried brioche and topped with bacon and maple syrup. And that’s all.


11. Salt Beef Bagel

[Time Out]
Where? Brick Lane Beigel Bake.

Why? Do we even need to justify that with a response?


12. The Full English Bread

[About Time Magazine]
Where? The Barge House.

Why? Because you don’t have to ask for extra toast.


13. The Doughnut Burger

[Red’s True Barbecue]
Where? Red’s True Barbecue.

Why? Because everyone loves eating pudding before main. And now you can just eat both at the same time.


14. Meat Fruit

[The Telegraph]
Where? Dinner By Heston Blumenthal.

Why? Because that ain’t no ordinary fruit… There’s MEAT in that fruit.


15. Coq Au Vin Poutine

[About Time Magazine]
Where? The Poutinerie.

Why? French fries, cheese curds, roast chicken, bacon, mushrooms, onion and gravy. O Canada, O Canada…


16. Deep Fried Oreo Doughnut

[About Time Magazine]
Where? The Original Crispy Candy Co.

Why? Because Oreos were amazing enough and then they went and deep fried them.


17. Baby Got Mac Grilled Cheese

[Grill My Cheese]
Where? Grill My Cheese.

Why? Because if there’s anything better than a grilled cheese sandwich – it’s a grilled Mac & Cheese sandwich.


18. Nutella ‘Duffin’

Where? Bea’s Of Bloomsbury.

Why? Because Nutella is the food of the Gods and the word ‘Duffin’ is just too great to ignore.


19. The Classic Tortilla

Where? Barrafina

Why? Because you won’t get a better one outside of Spain.


20. Raspberry parfait, manuka honey cake, hops jelly, puffed spelt

Where? The Modern Pantry

Why? Because pudding for breakfast is the key to our heart.


21. Ari Gold Burger

[Try This For]
Where? Patty & Bun.

Why? Because…it’s the best burger…in London? (Big claim, we know).


22. The Hawksmoor Breakfast

Where? The Hawksmoor.

Why? Because it literally laughs in the face of the standard Full English.


23. Nutella Pizza

[About Time Magazine]
Where? B-Soho.

Why? Because you thought it was wrong until you tried it.


24. Nitrogen Ice Cream

[The Albanist]
Where? Chin-Chin Labs.

Why? Because it makes ice cream more fun than it already is.


25. Moqueca

Where? Sushi Samba.

Why? Because we literally could have picked anything from that menu and you’d still be drooling.



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