43 Of The Very Best Restaurants In Camden

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43 Of The Very Best Restaurants In Camden

We’ve rounded up some of the best restaurants in Camden in 2018.

Whether you’re after some classic pub grub, a perfect pizza, a carnivorous feast or some tasty, vegan-friendly fodder, look no further: these brilliant Camden restaurants have it all.

Camden pubs with great food

Clockwise from top left: The Spread Eagle, The Edinboro Castle, The Camden Eye, Lockside

The Lock Tavern is a Secret London favourite, you might even call it our ‘local’. They serve cracking burgers and tacos, alongside a beasty Bloody Mary menu. The Camden Eye, right by Camden Town station, is a great place for pizzas and small plates, whereas Lockside, which overlooks KERB market, is a top stop for burgers and brunch. The Edinboro Castle, up towards Regent’s Park, has an excellent beer garden and serves up some classic pub grub, as well as some lovely sharing dishes, featuring Camembert and cured meats. Finally, The Spread Eagle – not to be confused with the all-vegan pub in Homerton – serves everything from its famous pork, apple and stuffing pie, to fish finger sandwiches. There are also a couple of sharing boards on the menu that are available to go if you’re off to Regent’s Park/Primrose Hill for a picnic. (See also: best picnic spots in London.)

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Camden

Top to bottom: Purezza, Mildreds

If you’re off the meat, Camden has some great options. Mildreds is a 100% vegetarian, mostly vegan restaurant with a fantastic range of dishes on its menu – the Sri Lankan Curry is always a winner, as are the burgers. Purezza on Parkway serves up nothing but vegan pizzas, with toppings like fried aubergine, seitan and smoked beetroot. Their pizzas are made with sourdough, but you can also opt for a HEMP flour base or a gluten free base.

The best burgers in Camden

Clockwise from top left: Honest Burgers, Haché, Band of Burgers, The Diner

If it’s a burger you’re after, you’re pretty spoilt for choice. Honest Burgers is up there with the very best, and their Camden branch is certainly no different to the rest. We recommend that you try the ‘Cheese Truck’ – a collaboration with London’s cheese masters – made with beef, bacon, deep-fried mozzarella, Old Winchester cheese, chipotle jam, pickles and rocket. (FYI, it’s only available at their Camden restaurant.) Band of Burgers, near Mornington Crescent station, is another great pick. They have every burger you could possibly imagine, from a smoked salmon burger to a coffee brisket burger. There’s also the option to create your own, and it’s also BYOB (bit of a DIY operation, if you want it to be). Haché also has a hefty list of burgers, including steak burgers and a number of veggie options, while The Diner‘s Diablo burger is definitely worthy of some attention.

Greek restaurants in Camden

Greek food has a spectacular presence in Camden. Head to Alexander The Great for a traditional Cypriot feast. It’s very reasonably priced – especially if you take advantage of their set lunch menu – and it’s very good for parties and big groups. Andy’s Taverna has a big focus on its meat; with kebabs, lamb chops, spicy meatballs and fried calves liver shining above the rest. They often host traditional Greek music nights, too.

Camden restaurants for meat lovers

Clockwise from top left: Made in Brasil, Porky’s BBQ, La Patagonia, Blues Kitchen

Although Camden is great for vegans and vegetarians, the meat lovers are also very well catered for. Shaka Zula is known for its obscure menu, featuring rare steaks such as Zebra Fillet, Crocodile Loin and Wild Boar Tenderloin. They also have fantastic sushi rolls and other meat and seafood dishes. For a more traditional steak, head over to La Patagonia; an authentic Argentinian restaurant that will definitely impress. For more South American vibes, Made In Brasil will serve you up their famous Brazilian Feijoada (slow cooked pork and black beans with rice and farofa) or Picanha Na Chapa (rump steak with sizzling onions, crispy garlic, rice and salsa). For something a little more chainy, but tasty nonetheless, try Porky’s BBQ or Blue’s Kitchen for dirty but delicious wings and ribs.

Alternatively, if you’re after some clucking good chicken, we recommend BIRD for its brilliant Buffalo wings, or, you know, there’s always Nando’s

The best Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Camden

Clockwise from top left: Rossopomodoro, Voodoo Rays, Goodfare, La Porchetta

Mamma Mia! There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to pizza in Camden. La Porchetta has a huge list of pizzas, pastas and calzones, so, if you settle on here for dinner, the decision making is far from over. Goodfare is a lovely, rustic Italian restaurant just up the road from Camden Town station. Their pizzas are authentic, and it’s the perfect spot for a big lunch or an early dinner (they have an excellent set menu from 11:30 to 6pm). Casa Tua always wins points for authenticity – but this restaurant is more about sharing plates and great pastas, so don’t arrive hoping for a pizza.

Again, there’s also the chains – namely Voodoo Rays and Rossopommodoro – but, actually, they both make pretty excellent pies.

Asian restaurants in Camden

Clockwise from top left: Namaaste Kitchen, Bintang, Inamo

If you’re after Asian food, don’t just settle for Wagamama (although there is one of those in Camden, too). Head to somewhere you’ve not tried before, because there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Bintang, for example, boasts a menu of seriously creative dishes, including their signature Bintang curry with coconut cream, lemongrass, tamarind, lime leaf and galangal. It’s also BYOB, so you can bring a cheapo bottle of wine with you and save some cash (speaking of which, this restaurant only takes cash, so come prepared). Inamo is all about Asian tapas and sharing dishes but, perhaps more notably, it also has interactive tables so you can play games and spy on the chefs while you wait for your food. Elsewhere, Shimogamo is great if you’re after amazing, authentic Japanese food, while Muang Thai serves up traditional curries and noodle dishes made with Thai herbs that are flown in from Thailand every week.

Representing India, Namaaste Kitchen is one of London’s best Indian restaurants. It has an innovative menu, without a vindaloo in sight, and the dishes are colourful and bursting with flavour. It really is a must-visit.

Camden’s best fish & chips

From top to bottom: Poppie’s, Hook

The British classic is, of course, never too far away. If you’re in Camden, we recommend trying Poppie’s – always full of tourists, but a good representation of the meal nonetheless. If you’re something a little different however, head to Hook where you’ll find dishes like monkfish carpaccio and fish in panko breadcrumbs or tempura batter, served with seaweed salted chips. See, you’re hooked. It’s all in the name.

Caribbean restaurants in Camden

?: Ma Petite Jamaica

Ma Petite Jamaica is London’s very first Caribbean Diner, serving up authentic Jamaican food since 1985. From curried goat and plenty of jerk, to ackee and saltfish dumplings, this restaurant is pretty big in the game. Mango Room, while also a traditional Caribbean restaurant, is a little more modern and upmarket. There are still plenty of classics on the menu, but you won’t see any jerk.

Tapas restaurants in Camden

Bar Gansa is known for its colourful decor and lively flamenco nights (every Sunday and Monday), as well as its excellent tapas, paella and sangria. Jamon Jamon serves ham that’s so good they named the restaurant after it. Twice. They also have a terrific selection of tapas and paellas, including black squid ink paella.

Other restaurants in Camden that you really must try

Clockwise from top left: York & Albany, Gabeto, The Cheese Bar, York & Albany

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If you’re after something a little fancier, make your way to the beautiful York & Albany, one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants, for its excellent seasonal menus, it’s lovely afternoon tea or its weekend bottomless brunch.

For all the cheese you’ve ever wished for, pop on over to The Cheese Bar for cheese toasties, cheesy pasta, raclette, fondue, gooey mozzarella sticks, etc, etc.

O Tino  is a traditional Portuguese restaurant that features in our list of international restaurants recommended by non-UK born Londoners. The Bacalhau (aka. the salted cod) is given particular praise.

Gabeto in the heart of Camden Market has just about everything you could want; from burgers and tacos, to steak and salads. They also have some seriously inventive cocktails on the menu, including one with peanut butter and jam. Oh and there’s a pretty good happy hour on Monday to Fridays, from 4–7.30pm.

And of course, there’s all that lovely street food in Camden Market…

?: Oli Baba's
?: Oli Baba’s

Here are some of our highlights, including Oli Baba’s halloumi fries and V Burger‘s vegan burgers. Alternatively, check out our guide to 155 of London’s best street food traders in Camden and beyond.

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