There’s A Unicorn Toast Giveaway Next Friday At A New All-Toast Restaurant

Lily Frohlich Lily Frohlich


It’s official: the London ‘unicorn’ food trend has gone too far, but you can get this one for free.

If you head down to new toast-only pop-up café Toast or Hands – à la the outrageously overpriced Cereal Killer Café – on the 4th August you’ll get some free colourful stuff (no idea) on toast. The things Londoners will spend hours queueing for, eh?


‘Unicorn’ toast is, apparently, just a piece of regular toast with brightly coloured cream cheese spread on top, so that takes quite a bit of the magic out of it. If that sounds really fantastic to you you’ll be able to nab yourself a slice for free if you head down to Toast or Hands between 7.30am and 5pm on Friday 4th August. The café is located at 31 New Inn Yard in Shoreditch.


But why? Is the question that might pop into your head after taking in this bewildering image. Well, the idea is that Toast or Hands is named as such according to their desire to show the world just how important bread is, in a world of ‘clean eating’ and ‘low-carb’ diets. Essentially the café’s been created in a bid to showcase the virtues of the humble slice of bread… Not sure how well they’re going to be able to do that with unicorn toast though!

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