Potter Fans Get Magically Loved-Up At Hogwarts This Valentine’s Day!


That’s right muggles! The Warner Bros Studio Tour has opened the doors of the Great Hall to loved-up Potter fans this Valentine’s Day. Potterheads across the country were in a frenzy last Wednesday, when the tickets went on sale. Those who managed to grab a table for this one-off bewitching banquet will get to feast upon a three-course meal inside Hogwarts. The experience also includes welcoming ‘Love Potions’, canapés, professional photographs of the lovebirds and an out-of-hours tour of the studio.

[Warner Bros... The faceless figure of Dumbledore. How romantic.]
Surely there is no better way to spend Valentine’s day? The Dementor-inducing part, however, is the cost. It’s a whomping £495 for two. For that price, we really hope the ticket comes with at least a fully-functional wand… But perhaps it’s worth it if you think you’ve found yourself a Keeper – the Golden Snitch of your eye, the sheen to your Patronas…

Let’s hope the ticket holders make the most of this opportunity and get well and truly oiled on a few Love Potions. Those lucky enough to attend this magical affair, do remember to stay out of trouble… no getting steamy in the Room of Requirement and keep all wands firmly in your pockets… unless told otherwise.

[We beg that there will be no awkward Chang-Potter smooches…  Film]


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