The Piccadilly Circus Lights Are Turning On!

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Piccadilly circus lights

The Piccadilly Circus lights start to turn on again and life there is returning to normal (i.e. super busy and full of tourists).

Last year, we told you that the Piccadilly Circus lights would be turned off so the billboards could be renovated. When Big Ben went silent a few months later, you may have worried that London was going into some sort of prolonged hiberation, but fear not! Piccadilly Circus are in the process of switching the lights back on, but instead of six billboards, it’s now ONE GIANT MEGA-BOARD.

The first we knew about it was when this image appeared:

Piccadilly circus lights
Photo: @poorboyslondon

Allowing you to sponsor a colour and raise money for vulnerable children, how lovely! But things changed early this morning, when this fetching design appeared:

Whoever got the chance to sponsor the first colour must have a wicked sense of humour, because this newly familiar shade appeared next:

Piccadilly circus lights
Photo: @emma_gallagher2

Having flashbacks to yesterday yet?

Piccadilly circus lights
Photo: @dunaaron

Yep, it’s back.

Piccadilly circus lights
Photo: @zaw_t

Unless you spent your Monday in a hole in the ground, you’ll know that the sky had a freakout yesterday and turned a similarly dystopian shade of yellow. Now Piccadilly Circus is getting in on the fun…

Piccadilly circus lights
Photo: @jamielewishadley

The boards are scheduled to return to their usual commercial purpose next week – perhaps they’ll cycle through the full colour spectrum before then? For now, let’s just agree that it’s kind of comforting to see them back on.

Piccadilly Billboards
Photo: @youngmcg

Featured image: @rahabalmajed

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