A Ballsy Move! A Naked Restaurant Is Opening In London…

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

A Ballsy Move! A Naked Restaurant Is Opening In London…

We are well aware by now that London is home to some pretty weird (but wonderful) pop ups. From bunny spas to roast potato and gravy fountains, there’s literally nothing we haven’t seen… Or so we thought. There’s a new pop up restaurant set to open in June, which is certainly going to open our eyes to a whole new dining experience.

naked dining london

The Bunyadi is stripping London’s restaurant industry bare by inviting guests to eat with their bits and bobs out. Not that we haven’t eaten naked before… it’s just normally a private ordeal late on Sunday mornings, sprawled (alone) across the bed with a hangover and with a half eaten bacon butty in hand. It’s not necessarily an image we’d want strangers to see. However, The Bunyadi (which is a Hindi word meaning fundamental; base; natural) intends to liberate us from the modern cultural practice of wearing clothes.

The pop up is not just about dining in the buff (which, we must stress, is optional), but the concept also aims to strip back the modern world. The venue will be free from phones, electric lights, chemicals and unnatural food produce. The Bunyadi is another venture from the pop up extraordinaires, Lollipop, who also brought us the hugely popular ABQ – the Breaking Bad-inspired cocktail bar. The Bunyadi venue is specifically designed to be split into two sections (“pure and clothed”), and has a capacity of forty-two. What’s more, there is already a waiting list of over 3,700 people (who are after more than just a sausage or two for dinner.)

If you’re keen to BYOB (Bare Your Own Boobs/Balls/Bum) then check out the The Bunyadi website. 

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