Londoners Could Save Over £40K In Commuting Costs If We Continue To WFH, According To Study

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Working from home indefinitely could save us tens of thousands of pounds, who knew?

According to a new GoCompare study, Londoners could save over £40k in commuting costs if we continue to work from home. Working remotely may not be plan A, but it has its perks – and saving money on travel is definitely one of them. With public transport essentially off-limits during the spring lockdown, the use of trains, buses and tubes significantly decreased and is still yet to return to its usual capacity.

The study revealed that when there isn’t a deadly virus on the loose, we spend an average of £118 a month on travel. And it turns out, if working from home continues we’d save roughly £1500 a year and approximately £43,000 over the next three decades! Seeing as London has the most expensive public transport in the world, it’s not all that surprising that without commuting costs we’d be able to pay off our university debts, put down a mortgage deposit and potentially even have change to spare.

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For those who did venture out over spring, cycling actually became the most popular mode of transport! According to the study, the number of people commuting by bike over the last six months more than doubled, and there are still currently more Londoners reaching for their bike over their oyster card, which is another great way of saving money (and the environment, of course).

Seeing as lockdown 2.0 starts tomorrow, it looks like working remotely will be the plan of action for the foreseeable future. I don’t know about you, but working from home and saving 40K sounds like a plan to me…

In other news, full 4G coverage is coming to the tube, finally erasing the need for human interaction.

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