18 Moments That Sum Up The Madness Of Commuting In London

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Commuting in London is a rich source of comedy, as the Internet is quick to point out.

Never a dull moment in this city, eh? Whether you’re dodging the elbows of your fellow Londoners on the Central line, waiting in vain for a bus, or doing something truly rogue like taking the Emirates Air Line to work (you madman!), there’s a certain amount of levity to be found in commuting. We turned to the Internet’s twin pillars of sheer “what the fuck”-ery – Twitter and Reddit, of course – to bring you the best (and very worst) of London transport.

1. When you realise it’d be quicker to walk to Crystal Palace

[Quantum_Force, via Reddit]
Sometimes it actually is quicker to walk, you know.

2. Perhaps drinking is the way to cope with the Underground?

[Twitter: @langcatlocke]

3. Frankly, does anything about the Underground make sense?

4. Looks like those train fare hikes have dropped any pretence of subtlety

[MJanvier95, via Reddit]

5. Your Tube feels about as ready for this commute as you are

6. The Piccadilly line seems particularly ill-equipped to handle life, TBH

[naedru, via Reddit]

7. …no, seriously, I think someone needs to check on the Piccadilly line

[vaskemaskine, via Reddit]
Maybe these fancy new trains will help?

8. Sometimes, a commute offers us the chance to discover what it means to be a Londoner

9. Other days, though, you’ve just got to throw up your hands and admit that some people are crushing this whole commuting thing

[cabbagefeast, via Reddit]

10. Maybe it’s time to find common ground with the Tube?

11. Because I certainly can’t help but empathise with this bus…

[GreyandDribbly, via Reddit]

12. Whatever its faults, you should never doubt the Tube’s potential to spark a little romance

13. I mean, I’ve certainly fallen for this ticket inspector!

[allthepeas, via Reddit]
Check out the Gipsy Hill station cat for more furry friends on the Underground!

12. Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled chaos!

[Benfang23, via Reddit]

13. Erm, anyone have a clue what’s happening here?

[Saoirse-on-Thames, via Reddit]

14. The summer heat brings all sorts of challenges, but we simply must stan for this guy

[Twitter: @RJ_London01]

15. And you just know adding tourists to the mix is going to complicate things

16. The most intrepid commuters will always perservere, because “life, uh, finds a way”

[LDLaw, via Reddit]

17. There’s being creative, and then there’s being dangerously creative though…

[tripolista, via Reddit]
Please don’t actually do this, because you could get seriously hurt, or worse, tutted at by your fellow commuters.

18. Ultimately though, don’t lose sight of the facts that you’re all Londoners in this together – so try crack a smile whilst commuting, OK?

Photo: @6stops

For a route to a happier commute, why not take a peep at the Tube map which shows you the cheapest pints near each station?

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