Surprise! London Has The Most Expensive Public Transport In The World

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Surprise! London Has The Most Expensive Public Transport In The World

London tops the list of cities with the most expensive public transport in the world.

Generally, we like to tell you things you don’t already know, but sometimes it’s fun just to state the blooming obvious, just to accentuate its ridiculousness.

Like this, for example: We know that you know London is expensive! But ha! Here it is in writing! How funny! Hahaha ha.

Online travel agents Globehunters have decided to compare the cost of a monthly travel card in cities and countries around the world, and guess who came out on top!

That’s right, London stands at the top of the Podium of Shame, costing a massive £150 a month for a travel card – and that’s if you’re only travelling in zones 1-3! Sydney comes in second place at £122.14, followed by Dublin at a mighty cost of £115.58.

The UK isn’t the most expensive country, mind you – Ireland bags that crown; followed by Australia, New Zealand, Iceland and Japan. So, it looks like London is just letting the side down and, actually, Britain isn’t all that bad. Maybe we should all pack up and move to the suburbs or the Great(ly cheaper than the south) North? Here: this map might persuade you even further.

For the cheapest transport in the world, you’re looking at Mumbai with a monthly travel pass costing just £3.50, or Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, with a monthly cost of £5.16. That’s literally cheaper than most single journeys on the Underground. Who wants to move to Asia with me?

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