(Mostly) Sensible Advice For Working From Home, From The People Who Always Do It

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(Mostly) Sensible Advice For Working From Home, From The People Who Always Do It

Wondering how to work from home productively and not turn into a filthy grotbag?

We’ve gathered a bunch of brilliant tweets about social distancing and working from home that fit into one of three categories:

1) genuinely helpful.
b) wickedly relatable.
c) just completely ridiculous.

For some of us, this whole social distancing thing couldn’t come soon enough.

While some of you might have been doing it for a long time, all in the name of freelance.

Hey, some people have been practicing all their lives!

But it’s important that we all get to grips with this potential new normal, especially as more and more companies are now encouraging their employees to stay at home. In preparation, we’ve scoured the internet for all the best advice, so that you can spend your time diligently updating Excel spreadsheets and checking in with your colleagues on Slack, rather than mindlessly scrolling through Twitter.

For starters, this is important to learn.

And whatever you do, don’t be this guy.

Stay in front of the damn screen or you will get caught out.

Try not to become this guy!

But a heads up: you will almost definitely become this guy…

And, oh god, nobody wants to be this guy…

Instead, do yourself a favour and eat (and/or nap) responsibly.

In other words, try and make sure you have something other than biscuits and sweetcorn in the house.

And here’s some purrculiar advice, but important nonetheless.

A warning for all those living with their partners!

Remember to check the time and take regular breaks!

Make your house look nice so people think you’re cool and cultured!

…and invest in a good pair of PJs that aren’t actually PJs!

Ha! Hahaha! No, but seriously. I asked a few serial WFHers for the lowdown on how you should really go about working from home, and they came up with some pretty solid advice:

My good friend Jess, a fellow writer, reckons the very best thing you can do is find a dog to keep you company (she’s signed up to Borrow My Doggy), and I don’t disagree. She also says that you should make yourself a boujee breakfast, just because you can — and always work in a tidy space. (But I’d be careful not to assume this translates to “spend the entire morning cleaning your flat, poaching eggs and smashing avocados, rather than doing any actual work”.)

Chloe, a copywriter, says GET OUT OF YOUR BLOODY PJS! And stick to the same schedule as you would at the office — start at 9am, finish at 5:30pm, or however it usually works for you.

Finally, Mia, a retouch and CGI producer, reiterates the no pyjamas rule by encouraging you to shower, get dressed and stop moping around. It’s easily done, but come on, you’re a p R o f e S s i O n a l.

I’ll finish with a couple of very helpful Twitter threads, which are well worth a read. They’re full of tips for boosting productivity, staying healthy and generally staying sane.

For further updates on the Coronavirus situation in the UK and London, read our most recent article following today’s Cobra meeting.

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