This Cheeky Churros Bar Is London’s Next Instagram Sensation • The Knot Churros

Insta-worthy dessert bar The Knot Churros has opened in South Kensington and it’s sickeningly sweet.

Expect coffees sprouting with candy floss, churros dipped in fairy dust, and mermaids swimming in milkshakes. It’s like stepping into a 6 year old’s dream. Pretty, pink and enough sugar to have you bouncing off the walls for weeks. (Header image by Monica Bialucci – read her review here.)


Their signature dessert is the cinnamon churros, which you can choose to have plain or with a touch of… pure magic. They come dipped in everything from Belgian milk chocolate to toasted marshmallow, or there’s a selection of glazed ones that look like something a unicorn might eat. In fact, there’s literally one called ‘The Unicorn’, which comes dipped in vanilla chocolate and sprinkled with pearlescent “unicorn” sprinkles. There’s also ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ and ‘The Midnight Violet’, dipped in purple sprinkles. Have them by themselves, or paired with soft-serve ice cream.

Photo: @londonseen_
Photo: @londonseen_

Their saving grace re: the obscene number of calories, is that The Knot’s churros are baked rather than deep fried. But you can’t seriously tell me that you actually give a damn if you’re already filling your face with this:

Photo: @theamanqiedit
Photo: @theamanqiedit

The sugar rush continues with the drinks, and there are some ridiculous milkshakes on the menu. Send yourself into a candy-induced coma with ‘The Cookie Monster’, ‘The Great Biscoff’, or the ‘Pretty in Pink.’ Or, if you’d prefer something hot, try a Candy Floss Latte, a Blue Butterfly Latte with butterfly pea flower powder (excuse me?!), or an Emerald Latte made with matcha powder.

Photo: Monica Bialucci
Photo: Monica Bialucci

Anyway, it all sounds pretty horrible, but it’s Instagrammable as hell. And that’s all that really matters to us millennials, isn’t it?

Location: 13 Bute Street, Kensington, SW7 3EY. Nearest station is South Kensington. See it on Google maps.
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 8am–11pm. Friday to Sunday, 8am–12pm.
Prices: Churros start at £3.90, milkshakes start at £4.90, and specialised lattes start at £4.90.
More information: on their website.

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