So Jägermeister Do Brunch And It’s Pretty Damn Incredible

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

So Jägermeister Do Brunch And It’s Pretty Damn Incredible

Put down your Eggs Benedict, because your definition of brunch is about to be thrown out the window. Jägermeister have swapped English muffins for Berliner Waffles; they’ve traded in bacon for a piled-high selection of salamis, Fleischsalat and cheeses. Oh, and vodka has long left the building. Jäger Marys are the herbilicious new thing. And, let me tell you London, it’s all brilliant.


Earlier this year, Jägermeister teamed with roaming pop-up, Bruench, to bring a unique Berlin-inspired drinking and dining experience to the UK. After wowing the tastebuds of brunch-goers during events held at both Palm 2 and the Bestival Jägerhaus, the Jäger Bruench headed to the Ape and Bird at Polpo in Soho, in celebration of London Cocktail Week. Alongside a delicious 5-course tasting menu, plenty of fresh sourdough bread, bottomless coffee and some laid-back techo rhythms from the DJ booth, there was, naturally, an excellent line up of Jägermeister cocktails. And if you’re one of those (foolish) people who has only ever drunk Jäger in a bomb, you’re about to be enlightened.

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The cocktail flights paired with the food included a Jäger Mary, in which the Jäger’s 56 natural flavours, herbs and spices did a kick-ass job of bringing out the best in the tomato juice, lemon and horse reddish. This was followed by both the Naughty German and the Jägermeister Sour, which brought something a little sweeter to the table. The Naughty German was as much of a treat as it sounds, mixed with Creme de cassis, gomme and a cheeky tang from the lemon. A favourite was Jäger’s fresh new take on the Sour, which beautifully maintained the classic smooth texture, while adding their extra special (secret) touch.


The brunch menu was devised by passionate foodie and founder of Bruench, Neomi Dulischewski. Plates were laid out on the tables, piled high with lavish, tempting displays of fresh meats and cheeses, fruit, granola, yogurt, topless eggs, sweet potato, avocado… you name it. As more guests arrived, the louder the unified stomach growls got. There’s something about eating together that creates an unbeatable atmosphere; the Jäger Brunch was no exception. Everyone took their seats around the large communal tables, happily sipping on their ‘Root 56‘, ready to get stuck into the bread and seemingly endless platters of food. All of the ingredients were locally sourced; the German salami, Berliner Fleischsalat and smoked Emmental were supplied by a local Polish Deli in Homerton and the goats cheese from New Covent Garden. There was still enough room for the highly anticipated Berliner waffles, served with a scoop of Jäger ripple vanilla ice cream (something we’re definitely going to try making at home!). It’s safe to say, that after nearly 3 hours of brunching, the SL team were swiftly hit by a food and booze coma like no other.

If this has teased your taste buds you can keep an eye out on Jägermeister’s Twitter @JagerUK for upcoming events. Or, if you fancy re-creating a Jäger Brunch of your very own, check out Jäger’s handy recipe guide here to get you started.

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