Thunderbirds Are Go: An Immersive Remake Of The Iconic Show Is Coming To London

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole - EXECUTIVE EDITOR

Thunderbirds Are Go: An Immersive Remake Of The Iconic Show Is Coming To London

A part-immersive, part-interactive adaptation of the iconic, 60s TV show, Thunderbirds, is coming to London this autumn…

…and since not many (or, in fact, any) existing London theatres could suitably accommodate the real life International Rescue, they had to build their very own theatre specifically for that purpose. After all, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.


The production is three years in the making, and it’s finally coming to life towards the end of this year. The audience will be set the task of tackling a cyber attack Thunderbirds style, and they’ll also discover what it’s like to be rescued by the Tracy brothers. As you can imagine, this kind of audience interaction isn’t easy to pull off without the right space and equipment so, naturally, they worked together to create The Buzz: a brand new theatre in Elephant & Castle, designed especially for these types of productions.


Thunderbirds: Beyond the Horizon is a collaborative effort from West End producers, The Limelight Group, and the creatives behind Alice’s Adventures Underground and Dinner at the Twits’, ebp. From puppets in the 60s to CGI animation in 2015, Lady Penelope and the Tracy brothers have certainly come a long way before now. And I must say, they’ve aged well.

Tickets to the show will go on sale tomorrow before it hits the stage in November. It will run from November 7th until January 27th 2019, and will be followed by a lively lineup of similar productions at The Buzz. Stay tuned!