63 Ways To Spot A Londoner In Ten Seconds, According To You

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How to spot a Londoner

Londoners. They are – if you’re reading this in London, at least – all around you, usually commuting, or drinking, or walking too fast, or reading Secret London (🤞). Maybe they’re even complaining about London, because hey, it’s a valid hobby. But still, there are a handful of sure-fire ways to spot a Londoner, and in a recent shoutout on our socials, we asked you to tell us the methods of identifying a Londoner:

The responses were, as always, brilliant. You’ve really come through with the goods here, so kick back, relax, and check out this failsafe list of ways to spot a Londoner in ten seconds or fewer…

Maybe it’s in the way we walk?

Yes, unsurprisingly a lot of responses alluded to the pace of life here in the capital. Hey, we’ve got places to be!


Or perhaps it’s in the way we talk?

Finally, a few variations on our favourite word:

Could it be the way we dress?

how to spot a Londoner

It’s only going to slow us down!

Some people zeroed in on our impeccable Tube etiquette…

Mind you, it’s not always impeccable.

Truly, to know the Tube is to know London, and to know oneself:

Some put forth the theory that caffeine would reveal a true Londoner…

Other coffee chains are available – and speaking of…

Of course, to observe a Londoner in their natural environment, there’s only one place to go.

how to spot a Londoner

It’s even more pronounced when you get us out of our natural habitat…

We know the value of time here in London, and a lot of you picked up on that.

Of course, a Londoner also knows when and where to slow down.

how to spot a Londoner

And crucially, where not to stop…

We also know that there are some unspoken rules to follow to be a real Londoner.

Next, the golden rule…

London is often grey and rainy, so any true Londoner knows to make the most of any sunny weather.

Many tried to capture the essence of a Londoner in their answers.

Someone is going to be very disappointed when they hear me try to speak Spanish…

Someone went brutally accurate here… 😅

Meanwhile, some people have clearly only seen Londoners in Julie Andrews films…

How to spot a Londoner

I’ve reserved a special section for the people who wisely chose to shower Londoners with compliments.

This next person understood 👏 the 👏 assignment 👏

And finally, a word of wisdom to end on…

So, now you know!

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