How Much Does Your Vote Really Matter In London?

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons


The General Election is coming up on June 8th, but exactly how much does your vote count?

London is divided into 73 different parliamentary constituencies, but while some reliably go for the same party each election, others change hands repeatedly, with razor-thin majorities for the current MP.

[This 2015 map of London represents the results of the General Election]

So while voting everywhere is important, some votes pack more of a punch than others. King of the nailbiters is Croydon Central, where Tory MP Gavin Barwell is clinging onto his seat by just 165 votes.

Here are the top twenty constituencies in order of how close it was back in 2015:

Closest London partliamentary constituencies

If you live in one of these areas, you’re at serious risk of feeling like a prize pillock if you don’t vote, only to find your least favourite candidate has claimed victory by a one-vote margin. (They’re also places where it might make sense to vote tactically if you’re strongly opposed to a particular party.)

Carrying on into safer territory:

Voting Part 2

Voting Part 3

Sitting happy with London’s safest seat is East Ham’s Stephen Timms, with a great big 34,252 vote majority at the last election. But of course, he’ll still be wanting everyone to turn up this time… although these are seats you could think of voting for a minor party if you like.

Find out more about how your constituency votes, and make sure to pay a visit to the most important pop up of the year this Thursday:


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