9 Super-Fun London Workouts That Will Actually Get You Excited To Exercise

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

9 Super-Fun London Workouts That Will Actually Get You Excited To Exercise

Forget High Intensity Training, 2020 is all about disco-dancing and hula-hooping.

We’ve all been there, we all know that feeling: it’s cold, it’s dark, it’s raining, and the last thing you want to do is go to the gym and do a workout. Sure, we’d all like to pretend that, come rain or shine, we heroically pick up our headphones and head out to get a sweat on, but come on, that’s just not true.

99% of the time you’ll end up binge watching Netflix, eating your flatmate’s packet of chocolate digestives and feeling pretty good about your decision to stay in. But what if there was a way to get your workouts in and have a good time? Here are nine ways to work out that just might keep you on the fitness bandwagon:

1. Puppy Yoga 

Photo: Pets Yoga

First up, Puppy Yoga. Who knew that a downward dog wasn’t the only type of canine you can get in a yoga session? It’s not exactly going to burn the most calories, but we reckon puppy yoga is definitely the way forward when it comes to workouts. Relax into your week as you breathe deeply and feel the soft weight of a tiny pup resting it’s little head on your leg. *sigh*

Truthfully, you’ll probably spend more time playing with the puppies than focusing on your exact pose, but who cares? Working out is meant to make you feel good and we guarantee this session will do just that. Harder to leave than any gym-class you’ve ever been to before, we recommend bringing a massive bag so you can smuggle some of your new furry friends home with you! (Just kidding, of course.) Go on, book the most adorable workout of your life.

 2. Box vs Bass

If you’ve got some pent up anger that you’re looking to get rid of, then Box vs Bass will sort you right out. Much cheaper than therapy, this stress-relieving workout is likely to leave you feeling as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Granted, the next morning you might find that this weight is in your arms instead, but with a live DJ, 25,000 LED lights, strobes, and some slick drum ‘n’ bass bouncing through the speakers, you’ll be too busy enjoying the club-like atmosphere to notice the toning effect it’s having on your bod. For a workout that really packs a punch, book your spot here!


Who says the only way to get super fit is from suffering through spin classes or horrible HIIT sessions? Bouncing about on a whole load of trampolines and falling into piles of soft-squishy things seems much more fun. Why not shift the Crimbo weight and tone up those calves by releasing your inner child and merrily hopping about for a hour or two? Grab your pals, your work colleagues, maybe even your kids, and get ready to boing your way to a banging bod!

4. Aerial Trapeze

Photo: Circus Glory Trapeze School

Totally up in the air with your workout plans this week? Feel free to stay there and book into one of Circus Glory’s incredible aerial trapeze classes. This full body workout will help you to build strength, improve your flexibility and also fulfil your lifelong dream of running away to join the circus – well, sort of, at least. Twist, tumble and tone as you find your inner grace up on the ropes. A workout that lets you unwind in more ways than one. More info.

5. Floatfit 

Photo: YMCA Club

Feeling brave? Make a splash in your usual workout routine when you head to a Floatfit class at the YMCA club. This hilariously challenging class is sure to have a very refreshing effect on your week. Try to stay afloat as you wibble-wobble your way to a toned tum. Burning 400 cals in 30 mins—if you manage to stay afloat for more than four seconds that is—it’s sure to make waves in your weekly calendar. Get more information here!

6. Seen on Screen 

Photo: Seen on Screen

Calling all independent ladies, it’s time to release your inner Queen B. Let the diva inside you drive your workout as you shake what the good lord gave you. London’s sassiest and sexiest dance class will get you sweating and slaying all at the same time. Inspired by the greats, do your hair toss, check your nails, and get ready to feel like you run the world. Empowering and utterly fabulous, this class is way too much fun to feel like you’re hitting the gym. Set your body free here! 

7. Jump Fit

Ever fancied doing a workout on the moon? No, neither have we really. But when we heard about JumpFits’ new workout class we were more than just a little curious.

This cardio workout features rebound boots, which basically act as mini-trampolines and make it feel as though you’re hopping about on the moon! Reducing body fat, improving your agility, strengthening muscles and helping your heart, the effects of this workout are pretty out of this world. They may not be super fashionable, but you can’t deny these boots look fun! Give them a go.

8. Hula Fitness  

Photo: Hula Fit World

Level up from your days of twirling and swirling about on the playground with this Hula fitness class. Sure to truly school your abs and boost your fitness levels, it’s time to get those hip-shaking like Shakira.

Wiggle your way through a wonderful workout, and don’t worry if you’re not well-versed in the world of Hula, if you got hips and a hoop you can definitely do it! Feel 14 again as you swivel about and work up a sweat. Get more information here!

9. Rave Fit with a Live DJ

The last days of disco may have been and gone, but the party is still very much alive at Rave Fit. This dance cardio class is basically just your Friday night in the club; minus the copious amounts of gin, of course.

Featuring giant mirrors to check out your moves, a whacking-great disco ball, immersive light displays and a fat sound system, these workouts really take it to the next level. We kind of just imagine JLo’s ‘On the Floor’ playing on repeat as people flick their hair and spin around. But that isn’t exactly what happens. Either way, this class is definitely worth a try if you’re hoping to get your body moving and your shapes perfected for a night on the town. Get your tickets here!

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