We’ve Spid-er Good Meal! Free Insect Crepes Are Being Served In London!

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

We’ve Spid-er Good Meal! Free Insect Crepes Are Being Served In London!

Forget rumours of beetle blood in red velvet cupcakes, these crepes filled with dead insects are the real deal. As part of a campaign to raise awareness about the numerous benefits of swapping insects for meat in our diets, The Economist will be giving out free crepes filled with insects at various locations in London, from the 27th November to 2nd December.


The crepes will be served fresh from a tricycle (it gets weirder and weirder) and yes, grasshoppers will be making an appearance on the menu. According to an article in The Economist, insects could be used to feed the ever-growing global population, projected to reach 11 billion by the end of the century. Huge challenges lie ahead, which are further complicated by the impact of climate change on agriculture. There is hope though! Supposedly, the crisis could be in some way averted if we start chowing down some crickets, boosting the food supply and feeding the world sustainably. Pass us the picnic beetles.


So what’s on the menu, we hear you cry. Why, cheesy crickets and raspberry jam with mealworms, of course! And if that doesn’t get your mouth watering, how about the old classic, lemon and sugar with grasshoppers? Alternatively, if you’re more of a Nutella kind of person, we’ve heard it goes perfectly with bananas and a dash of extra crickets


Think we’re joking? Go and check it out for yourself. The crepe tricycle will be in London Bridge, Angel Christmas Markets, Hampstead Christmas Festival, Cannon Street, City Thameslink and Moorgate.

Go on, we dare ya. Tweet us @Secret_LDN when you’re mouth is crawlin’ with them!

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