But First…! A Selfie Exhibition Is Coming To London

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole - EXECUTIVE EDITOR

But First…! A Selfie Exhibition Is Coming To London

Next time you take a pre BNO selfie in your bathroom mirror, you could be creating the next Mona Lisa. Who da thunk it, eh? Starting 31 March, London’s Saatchi Gallery will be hosting an art exhibition dedicated to exploring selfies as an art form (because, you know, everything is art these days).

‘Selfie’ has already been word of the year, we have the (abominable) selfie stick, and our smartphones have somewhat normalised them as a means of expressing ourselves. From Selfie to Self Expression will feature self portraits by the likes of Rembrandt and Vincent Van Gogh, but there’ll also be posey snaps of more recent celebrities, including David Cameron, Barack Obama and Kim Kardashian. Because what’s a selfie exhibition without Kim K?

And the selfie madness doesn’t end there..! You too can have your chance at fame by sharing your best selfies using #SaatchiSelfie. The best ones may well be shown at the exhibition in a couple of months. So wipe those mucky fingerprints and mascara smears off your mirror and get snapping! (Or keep them. Maybe they’d be considered abstract or authentic or something).


Feature Image: Early Basket (Because Mr Bean did them first)

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