Your New Binge Watch: A London Museum Is Livestreaming Congealed Human Faeces

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Fatberg Live

Watch out, Netflix – a hot new streaming show is here to disrupt the market.

Have you binge-watched your way to the bottom of your play queue?
All out of sitcoms, romcoms, true crime docs and psychological thrillers?
Well, Museum of London have got you, girl.

Because they’re live–streaming a hunk of compacted human shit! [See our guide to London’s museums.]

Fatbergs are enormous sewer blockages comprised of non-biodegradable wet wipes, kitchen grease and, of course, a healthy portion of fetid human waste. The largest fatberg to date, in Whitechapel, was the size of 20 double-decker buses, and hardened to such an extent that it had to be manually removed with sharpened tools.

For what seemed like good reasons at the time, the Museum of London then decided to acquire their very own Fatberg sample, roughly the size of a paperback book, and indeed built an entire exhibition around it.

And now, thanks to centuries of technological progress and human endevaour – not least a global network of fibre-optics, 24/7 digital connectivity and probably ‘the cloud’ (the cloud is always involved somehow) – they’re… live-streaming the Disgustolump?

It’s called FATCAM.

If you’re expecting dramatic events to occur, you might be somewhat disappointed, although I do wonder if the Museum of London knows something we don’t. The appalling turdbrick, hermetically sealed within its plastic sarcophagus, has already hatched flies, sweated, changed colour and ‘grown an unusual and toxic mould, in the form of visible yellow pustules.’

Not dissimilar to me with a Sunday afternoon hangover, then.

What shocking twists and turns await? There’s only one way to find out, with this, the ultimate, shitty endpoint for all reality TV. Come back Love Island, all is forgiven!

Find out more on the Museum of London’s FatCam page.

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