Cyber Cinema Madness: The Ultimate Electro Party

Tom Livingstone Tom Livingstone

Cyber Cinema Madness: The Ultimate Electro Party

This one-off event on Friday night (May 1st) appeals to my inner child. A screening of Tron, followed by an all-night laser quest battle, before free cocktails and deep house until 4am. Ok, so maybe my childhood self would have been a bit too innocent for the whole *cocktail/rave* bit, but it’s the kind of event that, having heard of it, I can’t help wondering ‘why has no-one done this before?’

Spawning at Old Foyle’s Bookshop in Charing Cross, Nightspot Cinema have gone to great lengths to create their own immersive version of Tron, throwing guests into the epic world of ‘The Grid’. After a 9pm screening of the film, there’s the chance to run around like madmen in the club’s 2-floor neon world, taking on the legendary gamer program TRON in a huge game of laser quest. Confused? So are we, to be honest. It all sounds completely bonkers. But we’re big fans of bonkers.

virtual sky blue cocktail
[A Virtual Sky Blue Cocktail in ‘Tron: Legacy’]
We’re also big fans of parties, so the cocktail/electro part bit talks to us. There’s 2 free ‘sky blue virtual cocktails’, music inspired by Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack and plenty of futuristic strobe lighting for good measure. We’re assuming the cocktails are REAL ‘virtual’ cocktails, and that the name is some kind of reference to the 2010 film. In fact, there’ll be plenty of references to the film for those that are fans. For those that aren’t, you’ll just have to make do with an evening of cinema, laser quest, cocktails and deep house. If that’s okay? Tickets will set you back just £30 if you download Fever (£35 on door), and we’ve also managed to secure a further £5 off for Secret London readers.

To attend the event for just £25, click here to download Fever and enter the code CYBERSECRET in the rewards section of the app (we’re good to you, aren’t we?)


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